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October’s Best Events in Sydney

Good Food Month “Good Food Month is a national food event that celebrates all things food and drink, in partnership with Australia’s best restaurants, food businesses and world-class chefs.” 1 OCT: SEADECK Long Weekend “Finish your long weekend in style…

amy mills

Feathered and Fierce – Sydney Fringe Festival 2017

Enter the Inner West Warehouse HPG Festival Hub, into a foyer of sorts, featuring food truck, sitting areas, and art installations. The rest of the warehouse space looms in the background, and it’s into this dimness that we make our…


Celebrate Winter with Sydney’s Top July Events

It’s midwinter and time to get into the winter festivities. There are festivals coming out of our ears this month, haunted tours, and so much more including partying with dinosaurs. Check out our top picks for July, grab your coat…

the eye live

Thandi Phoenix at The Eye

I’m sure you’re all aware it’s Winter. It’s cold, dark, and at night the city lights up with the animations and artworks of Vivid. The creativity and colour is enough to cajole even the most cold-sensitive into an evening stroll….

Djuki Mala

Contemporary and Aboriginal dance phenomenon: Djuki Mala

Dance sensation Djuki Mala are back at the Sydney Opera House to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Following packed out shows, multiple awards, and international tours I went along with my plus one to see if they lived up to the hype. Direct…

Hot Brown Honey

Hot Brown Honey Delivers Sweetness with a Sting

Hot Brown Honey will make you gasp, laugh, cheer, scream, and think. Intertwining song, dance, and circus, with politics, feminism, and comedy, the show is absolutely galvanising. Featuring a cast comprised of Australian Indigenous, Polynesian, and South African women, the…

The Bodyguard – Fun New Musical Comedy

The newest musical to hit the Sydney theatre scene, The Bodyguard, is fun and enjoyable, especially when it is not taken seriously. It is all about the music – the hits of the beloved and talented late pop princess Whitney…