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Our Sydney team:

Theresa Winters

Theresa is a worldly American expat who co-founded The Plus Ones. As the Editor-in-Chief, Theresa manages a team of 100+ writers and journalists nationwide to curate and showcase Australia’s best experiences. Originally from a farm in the U.S.A., Theresa has lived in Wales, England, New Zealand, and is now an Australian dual citizen. She comes equipped with a Bachelor’s in Classical Civilization (minor in Linguistics) from the University of Illinois and the University of Wales. Theresa also runs Braidiance, where she teaches custom hair braiding workshops; is a public speaker and moderator; serves as the Dean of The Awesome Foundation in Sydney; and works closely with The Socialites to create exciting, unique events and experiences.

Ace Mamun
Director/Global Head of Marketing
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Ace Mamun is the CEO of The Socialites, a multi-national lifestyle network of nearly 100,000 members, and Director, Sydney/Global Head of Marketing of The Plus Ones. A published author, Ace has a decade plus experience in creative, media, advertising, entertainment, and publishing, having worn the hats of Art Director, Head of Strategy, Editor-in-Chief, Event Organizer, Emcee, and more. With a goal to connect the world, Ace is also an ambassador of InterNations, the world’s largest expat network, runs a creatives’ network with thousands of members, and an influencer network with followers in the millions.


Sydney Specialists Team:

Abi Andrew
Abi is a Fashion Marketing graduate, who believes you can never wear too much leopard print or drink too much white wine. Follow her on Instagram @rincess_abi.

Jill Antonio
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who often eats cake for breakfast. Follow her on Instagram.

Lara Bendeich
Lara would much rather be on a beach with a cocktail at nearly any given moment, though she will settle for just the cocktail.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig is a regular on the Sydney arts scene after having lived, worked and performed in London. He has a long history with theatre and when not dabbling in the arts (which rarely ever happens), he works in scientific research and loves to travel the world trying new gin. Follow him on all the socials at @talldancraig.

Orlaith Costello
Usually seen with a flat white in hand or on her way to a craft beer or whiskey tasting. Needs to stop buying books and start reading them.

Elli de Ryckman
Elli has been writing for The Plus Ones for over three years. In that time, she has attended and covered a bearded circus, a cheese festival, and seen Wu Tang live at the Sydney Opera House,  just to name a few. Here’s to the next three years of reviewing the best that Sydney has to offer.

Khanh Hoang
Khanh grew up in Hoi An, a UNESCO Heritage listed village in Central Vietnam. He migrated with his family to Australia when he was 9. He is an academic, music lover, sports lover and a former table tennis (not ping-pong!) champion. Follow him Instagram on @ironandwhiskey.

Antoinette  Milienos
Antoinette is a Journalist, Violinist, and chronic suffer of F.O.M.O (fear of missing out). 

Liv Steigrad
Liv is a creature of warm weather, negronis, and writing. She can usually be found elbow deep in a pile of chicken wings. Check out her musings on @callmememphisjones.

Alicia Tripp
Alicia Tripp reviews the premiere concerts, symphonies, operas, ballets, and stage shows in Sydney. She is a seasoned arts and music critic, as a former journalist for the ABC Limelight magazine and State of the Arts. She has a degree in Media & Communications, English and Music from the University of Sydney.


Sydney Journalists Team:

Tania Doumit | Loreta Blair | Kate Lowe | Ben Xerri | Cristina Toscan | Nada Mak | Natalie Salvo | Jonhy Le | Pierre Laba Sarkis | Georgia Rae Collins | Ayla Haverkamp | Jenny Hu | Bridgett Leslie | Kate Whittaker | Nei Ra | Keeli Belle Royle | Dave McGettigan | Lucy Doyle-Noble | Benjamin Dempsey | Jane Jago | Thomas Westenberg | Monique Bringolf | Denise Schopp | Yarran Gatsby | Olivia Culver | Jaimee Hassos | Anastasia Lloyd | Jessica Del Roario | Liz Blue | Natalie Cupac | Joanita  Wibowo | Christian Agnew | Maxim Tkachev | Maryanne Lok | Kate Bettes | Hannah Li | Temarre Evans | Patricia Vera Mendoza | Clarissa Zhu | Laura McCann | Ben Squires | Amalia Kewenter | Olena Prusenkova | Emma Bishop | Tylah Jones | Rosie Pentreath | Madelaine De Leon | MJ Quisumbing | Alicia Tripp | Matthew Kahn | Stephanie Turek | Hayley Hunter | Abbey Farlow | Max Gay | Olivia Grace-Curran | Anvi Sharma | Marlene Di Marte | Ruthy Scheinberg | Elise Meng | Natasha  Kelly  | Silvia Cheung | Michelle Ann  Madregallejo | Jean-Paul  Harriette  | Samantha O’Neil | Jacinta Rets | Kristen Danielsson | Jemma Jones | Yen Loh | Ryan McGoldrick | Angharad Rees | Rebecca West | Carolynne  Marshall | Isabella  Arena | Alessia Sirangelo | Eleanor Luther | Nia Nguyen | Alaisdair Leith  | Aiden Lewis O’Dea | Harry Russell | Roydon Ng | Monique Pitzer | Albert Lin | Joy Adan | Elizabeth Foster | Kevin Rodrigueza | Benjamin Samuels | Jessica Mudditt | Erica Enriquez-Clemente | Geraldine Fernandez | Aobh O’Brien-Moody | Kaylah Natoli | Vee Naidoo | Justine Stratton | Liv Waelde | Beatrice Giorgi | Renee Wardle | Patricia Harbour | Caitlin Hely | Riona Day | Aidan Wondracz | Tierney Kelman | Katie McDougal | Monika Gudova | Fab Sakker | Emma Fearnley | Sam Rorke | Danielle Vassallo | Haseeb Chishti | Emma Gleeson

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