The Plus Ones Magazine

” … a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”

The above was Sarah Addison Allen’s delicious depiction of autumn, and it applies equally well to the season’s experiences.

As the flocks migrate from the usual rooftop day-parties to the less than usual underground art markets and the like, entertainment takes on forms a dash or two spicier. The cocktails follow suit as those late afternoon sunsets make secret, laneway bars and their exotic aperitifs all the rage again.

With winter mere months away, waltz along as we help you shore up your dance moves, so you can turn the heat up when need be. Need a break after all that dancing? We’ll reignite that travelbug in you with some of the most fab autumn getaway ideas. Should you choose to stick around, however, we’ll even let you in on the season’s best happenings – from the secret-est of parties to the perfect film premieres for a session of ‘flicks-and-chill.’ Plus, for when you’re out there snapping away, we’ve got just the way for you to up your Snapchat game and reach your Insta-goals.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Flip through and and get perusing to find out all about the above and more in our fun and feisty autumn issue.