Sydney Comedy Festival: Rhys Nicholson – Seminal

If you like your comedy quick, sharp and sassy then you would be hard pressed to find anything better than Rhys Nicholson’s new show Seminal. Rhys has been gaining popularity on the circuit for a few years now. He stands out because of his unique look and voice but I’d say it’s his precision timing and constant witty commentary which make him so endlessly entertaining.


I’m just going to come out with it. Rhys Nicholson is probably my favourite comedian right now. Last year I saw his show It’s Fine by fluke, with no expectations – I loved it and cemented him in my mind as someone to keep an eye on. This year my plus one and I went to see Seminal. Our expectations were higher and ask anyone, high expectations are a recipe for disaster. But we were far from disappointed.


Why? He is just so good. The structure is great – his jokes go full circle and he draws you in with spot on cultural references. The low-key anxiety and hatred of everything that he presents are so relatable that they quickly become hilarious.


Seminal deals with such a broad range of subjects. Nothing is safe – from job choices to loving Australia like you love a racist aunt, Rhys brings an ironic magnifying glass up to each topic and rips it to shreds – much to the delight of his enraptured audience. He perfectly encapsulates the irony and bullshit of the modern world and through his experiences and stories.


Toeing the fine line between ironic commentary and out and out insults – Rhys takes pleasure in working the room. There is something there for everyone (so inclusive) and he breaks the fourth wall by letting you in to the introspective process of discerning which jokes to keep and which to change.


Rhys Nicholson would be easy to envy in person but on stage he is perfect. He is so quick-witted, he doesn’t miss a beat. His humour, like his presentation, is absolutely flawless. He manages to mix confidence, humour and sarcasm in perfect proportions. His jokes are dwarfed only by the excellent comebacks and commentary that he provides. Whatever it is that makes him and this show so great, it’s worth seeing. This is non-stop entertainment which had people doubled over and doing embarrassing belly laughing.


– Elli
Elli de Ryckman de Betz is dealing with the devastating double blow of realising both exactly what she needs to make her life 100% better and that she will probably never attain it. That being a running commentary of Rhys Nicholson in her ear.

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Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.