Sydney Comedy Festival: Tessa Waters – Volcano

A brand new talented comedian to add to the Sydney Comedy Festival mix? Stop it! Tessa Waters – Volcano is a high energy, feel good comedy show that you really need to see. Oozing in charm and confidence, Tessa takes you through her whole routine with pazazz. and without feeling to rehearsed in a stiff way. Her jokes are off the cuff and she is naturally funny. There are some good old-fashioned jokes and stories in her show but it’s the unexpected laughs which make the experience so great.


Tessa Waters is a Queensland gal and she is excited to be in Sydney. Greeting her audience in person at the door, she quickly warms up the room, joking good naturedly about being behind schedule and rolling with the punches like an absolute legend. Despite being out and out funny, it is her energy that really gets you going.


And get going we do. From games to improv to skits, Tessa is a one-woman variety show. I found myself wondering if her attitude to performing is ‘why use a prop when you can use your body?’


The best way to describe what you’re in for with Tessa Waters – Volcano, is something between Tina Fey in Sisters and a dolphin. The result is absurdly fun and expressive. The energy which she exudes brings everyone up to her level.


You can’t overthink this show – any attempt to understand what you’re seeing or make sense of the show will go astray. It is best appreciated as intended – not too serious. You have the feel that she is winging it– in the best sense. Her material doesn’t come out feeling stiff or overly rehearsed.


If you want to see a newcomer to the Sydney Comedy Festival who is fresh, fun and more excited than you to be at the show, then give Tessa Waters a red hot go! Tess Waters – Volcano is running until Sunday 20th May – don’t miss out!


– Elli
Elli de Ryckman de Betz is an avid comedy lover and consumer on the Sydney circuit, whose most recent claim to fame is writing the Plus One’s Guide to the Sydney Comedy Festival for the second year running.


Make sure you go and see Tess Waters – Volcano before Sunday 20th May.



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Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.