i love india

One Day in India – Cooking Class in Sydney with Anjum Anand

Anjum Anand, a famous chef from London, and myself have something in common. We both love India. So I was really excited to have the opportunity to go to her cooking class, for the Australian launch of her new book I Love India.

Most of us have tried Indian food and most of us like the  rich aromas and complex flavours of Indian food. But have you ever tried to cook it at home? Has your kitchen ever smelled of Indian spices? Have you ever bought cumin, masala or cardamom? If not, it’s definitely time to explore this extraordinary culinary culture.

i love india

Three months traveling in India made me fall in love with this incredibly vibrant country. I went to plenty of different regions of India and tried all of the north and south Indian food, but I’ve never tried to cook it myself. It’s surprising that I had my first cooking experience during my travel in Australia. This afternoon showed how small the world is when my path from Germany around the world crossed with the path of Anjum Anand from London for having an Indian cooking experience in Sydney.

Anjum Anand is a successful chef from London who has written seven bestselling Indian cookbooks, and presented two series of BBC TV’s Indian Food Made Easy showcasing. I felt honoured to meet her in Sydney for a cooking class. She has an Indian background and shared her fascination and love of Indian food with us this afternoon. We learned how to cook Chicken with fenugreek, Tandoori cauliflower, minted yogurt chutney, Spinach and garlic raita and of course homemade Indian bread. A wonderful afternoon with great people, amazing food and a real flashback to India. I definitely recommend visiting an Indian cooking class and trying the recipes of Anjum Anand at home. Give your kitchen a taste and smell of India. Your friends and family will love it.

– Sabrina
Sabrina recently left her job, apartment, and possessions to backpack the world. After spending eight months in Asia, she’s found herself in Australia. For now.

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