Whisky and Gelato WCCW

World Class Cocktail Week: Whisky and Gelato at the Wild Rover

“I’ve been a wild rover for many’s the year/And I spend all my money on whiskey and beer.” Preach!

The Wild Rover is not just the name of a beloved Irish bar in Sydney’s Inner West, it’s the title of a beloved Irish ballad that you are guaranteed to hear in pubs across the green isle. A perfect and apt setting for this World Class Cocktail Week event: Whisky and Gelato.

The Place

Sydney is a haven for not-so-secret secret bars and The Wild Rover is a really special one. The whisky (not Irish, hence the ‘e’ omission) and gelato event immediately caught my eye. Who wouldn’t be excited?

A person not in the know would easily mistake the Wild Rover for a closed-up shopfront, but at night with a green light glowing in the darkness, you can come in from the cold and be greeted by friendly staff with delicious beverages. We were given a nice whisky and soda and ushered upstairs to the private bar where the tables were laid out with the whiskies to be tasted that night.

Upstairs at the Wild Rover

Credit: The Wild Rover

The Event

In place of their regular whisky tastings and in celebration of the World Class Cocktail Week, the Wild Rover and their whisky club, The Whiskey Co-Op, are hosted a cool (pardon the pun) twist on a regular tasting session. They partnered with Mr. Goaty Gelato and Simon McGoram — a National Whisky Ambassador — to create the unique event of artisan and bespoke gelato paired and created with Scotch whisky.

Whisky and Gelato WCCW

The Szechuan Gelato with grilled pineapple flakes

The Pairings

what we all came for. There were some pairings that blew my poor little Irish mind, and there were some that seriously confused my tastebuds. All were enjoyed by everyone.

Dalwhinnie aged 15 years paired with Bespoke Black Tea and Orange Blossom Gelato

We started off with a beautiful pairing with a gelato created and churned especially for the event. The gelato brought out the delicate vanilla notes in the whisky – which was coincidentally my favourite tipple of the night.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label paired with Honeycomb and Lavender Gelato

One of Mr Goaty’s delicious flavourings paired with one of the whisky world’s most well-known label. The whisky was biting but its underlying caramel flavours were drawn to the surface with one spoon of the decadent gelato.

Johnnie Walker Green Label paired with Cold Brew Coffee Gelato

Everything about this pairing was delightful to me. The cold brew coffee gelato was delicious and the Green Label – not an easy find usually after it was discontinued and then recontinued in Australia –  had a smoky vanilla oak, pepper,  woody flavour and rich mouthfeel that paired wonderfully with the rich gelato.

Talisker Storm paired with Bespoke Grilled Pineapple and Szechuan Gelato

An interesting taste combination to say the least! This one was perhaps the most surprising pairing as the gelato had all the flavourings of Szechuan but none of the spice – super confusing but very tasty. The whisky helped cut through the sweetness to evoke the smokiness of the Talisker Storm.

Lagavulin aged 16 years paired with Bespoke ‘Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup’ Dark Chocolate Choc Tops

Unlike the rest of the gelato, we were served actual mini choc top peanut butter gelato with Lagavulin whisky. I had wanted to try this whisky for a time and it did not disappoint.

Whisky and Gelato WCCW

This was a once off event that brought the taste and the tipple. Unfortunately, it will not be repeated but The Wild Rover’s Whiskey co-Op host events throughout the year and free monthly tasting for members! Check it out here.

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– Orlaith
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World Class Cocktail Week runs from May 7–13 2017 in Sydney. Purchase tickets now.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones are invited guests of Example.
Photo credit: The Wild Rover, writer’s own.