Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Steve Lynch – U.S. of Eh?!?

Steve Lynch tells his stories in such a captivating and positive way as he takes his audience on a tour through the U.S of A in his Sydney Comedy Festival show ‘U.S. of Eh?!?’. Confirming all of the clichés, he paints a vivid picture of the America we all know: the places, the food, and the people.

Steve told his stories with the aid of multi-media device, plain old fashioned butcher’s paper, and a permanent marker. The venue was transformed into Steve’s very own living room, complete with holiday happy snaps and stories told with the excitement of a passionate traveller. He comments on the everyday experiences including a most surprising trip to a fast food restaurant and reality TV.

Steve unfolds all of the wonderful experiences that he had, all enabled by a ‘YES to everything’ attitude he adopted once settled in LA. This makes for a whole stack of funny tales and chance events.  His story telling was benefitted by the fact that he was not just experiencing the U.S. as a tourist but as a resident. Immersing himself in the unique LA culture inspired a hilarious rap, ‘The Whitest Guy in L to the A’, coupled with all the gangster attitude a white guy can muster.

The show itself was effortless and flowing, easy to watch and many laughs to be had. It’s clear that Steve is comfortable on stage, treating his audience like a group of friends down at the local pub.

Steve encourages his audience to leave the show and go out into the world with a sense of curiosity and adventure.

– Natalie
Natalie Pastuovic, a new Sydney-sider, loves the crisp sunny mornings of early winter and the warm and cosy feelings she gets whilst drinking a glass of red in front of an open fire.

Steve Lynch – U.S. of Eh?!? runs 10 and 12 May 2017, 7pm at the Terminal – Factory Theatre Marrickville. Buy tickets now.

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Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.