Embracing Aussie Flavours with Larrikin Bush Tucker Gin

Sunburnt Country Bush Tucker Gin is the latest special limited release from the Larrikin Gin crew. It is made with a unique combination of native Australian botanicals and distilled in Ballarat.

Larrikin Gin takes advantage of Australia’s incredible offering of native botanicals in this special release. Representing all corners of this sunburnt country with ingredients like roast wattleseed, lemon myrtle, lemon aspen, Kakadu plum, native blood lime, desert lime, bush tomato, strawberry gum, Davidson’s plum and finger lime.

As a fun extra, the Larrikin Gin comes in at 50.7% ABV. 50.7-degrees is also the hottest recorded temperature in Australia. Recorded at Oodnadatta, 2nd January 1960. Although, this past summer nearly dethroned it.

So it has a good ingredients list, but does it measure up to our favourite London Dry?

You may think that the fact it is distilled with numerous and flavourful botanicals that they might muddle the flavouring and overpower it. However, the gin straight is nice and smooth. Fruity but warm, still like a traditional gin but with a little something extra. With the addition of ice, the lemon aspen and myrtle really come through. The high alcohol content does lead to a distinct burn, which is to be expected. Overall, it’s a floral and fruity gin, enjoyable straight or with ice and ideal for creative mixologists.

Mixologist, I am not. Plus, my favourite spirit-based beverage is a straight whisk(e)y – preferably Speyside or Islay. However, my favourite gin-based drink is a classic gin and tonic. And seeing as this is a special release bushtucker gin, I thought why not pair it with a bush tonic?

Bush Tucker Gin

Recent TimeOut Award nominees and residence of TimeOut Hot Talent Award Winner, PS40, has launched a range of sodas and tonics dubbed PS Soda. Among the range is the PS Soda Bush Tonic. I headed down to P&V Wine Merchants in Newtown and picked up a bottle. It is made with lemon myrtle, native lemongrass, and Murray River salt. Ideal for any kind of gin — or even on its own — but when married with the Bushtucker gin we get The Ultimate Bushtucker Gin and Tonic. Not as sharp as a classic G&T, this cocktail with a twist goes down smooth
like chats with your best Aussie mates as the sunsets on a warm evening.

Bush Tucker Gin

For the more elegant among us, who want to explore the gin flavour without the extra botanicals, how about a martini? Although usually the home for vodka, a gin martini is nothing to sniff at and with a dash of bitters, vermouth, and a lemon twist, it goes down a treat. You could even add in a little bit of the PS Soda Bush Tonic for an even more delightful beverage.

Although fun to add to cocktails, you’d be hard-pressed to pass on a measure with some ice on a hot day. Maybe with a dash of tasty Bush Tonic. Cheers to Australia!

– Orlaith
F&B Specialist. Usually seen with a flat white in hand or on her way to a craft beer or whiskey tasting. Needs to stop buying books and start reading them.

Sunburnt Country Larrikin Bush Tucker Gin is available online at www.larrikingin.com, or at selected outlets with an RRP of $100.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were gifted a bottle of Larrikin Gin for review.
Image credit: The Plus Ones