The Taubmans Colours behind Sugar Republic – Pop-Up Dessert Museum

Sweet-lovers everywhere rejoice — Australia’s first pop-up Insta museum has landed in Sydney. Not just for the little ones — Sugar Republic brings wonder-filled interactive spaces, grammable backdrops, and ear-to-ear smiles to kids and adults alike.

It’s no secret that colours can effect our emotions. To bring their colour experiment to life — all-star paint brand Taubmans sponsored Sugar Republic to make sure the wall colours of each dessert-inspired room evoked feelings of excitement and tempted tastebuds — the walls are almost good enough to lick.

Taubmans Tim Welsh explains, “We all instinctively know that the colours… affect our moods. Now, Taubmans has research that scientifically proves that painting your walls in different colours can bring out a whole a range of emotions.” Tim continues to explain, “the right colours will make you feel relaxed and calm, or cheerful and excited, yet pick the wrong colour scheme, and your walls risk making you feel bored, sad, tense and, worst of all, irritated”.

A friend of mine had had a hard day at work, I brought her to the Sugar Republic museum to cheer her up — and boy, did those bright colours do the trick. The pair of us giggled for at least a half an hour, feeling like children again while neck-deep in the bubblegum pink ball-pit. We tried the swing out in a room full of fairy-floss, jumped out of a giant birthday cake, and played licorice allsorts tic tac toe.

Sugar Republic is an all-out sensory experience. To achieve this happiness-effect, it was designed with colours that successfully projected the museum’s fun, sweet, and playful characteristics. Taubmans dipped each and every wall in their New Endure colours, including: Pink ChintzRaspberry RushRocket Launch, and Orange Embers. You’ll be amazed at all of the oversized bright props, including a life-sized Bubble O’ Bill, and Wizz Fizz wall — talk about early-nineties nostalgia.

Photography is not only permitted on the premises — it’s encouraged. The Sugar Republic team are uber friendly, and will happily capture those cute Boomerang clips for you.

Every event is a little different, and they change the art up from time to time. Here’s some funny installations you just might get a taste of:

  • a sugar-filled rainbow bridge
  • the biscuit cottage
  • big gum bubble
  • a traditional lolly shop to play in
  • a ‘press for confetti’ button
  • Sydney-themed neon art wall

While Sugar Republic is primarily a pop -up art event, there’s free ice-cream and candy aplenty. Trust me, you’ll leave on a sugar high — and wanting to paint your lounge-room pink.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who likes sugar, and spice, and all things nice. Follow her on Instagram.

Sugar Republic is open in Sydney until May. For more information, visit their Facebook Page.

For room colours, and paint information, visit the Taubmans website.

Sugar Republic: Myer Sydney, 436 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Dialogue PR.
Photos: Sugar Republic Facebook Page
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