Search to find Hendrick’s Gin Giant Cucumber in Darling Harbour

Hendrick’s Gin have launched their search for a giant cucumber, starting with a pop-up bar at Sofitel. The champagne bar was decorated in cucumbers and roses, the two main ingredients for the spirit. Their main aim was the launch for the search of the giant cucumber that ‘mysteriously’ disappeared from Sydney Harbour. The Scottish gin brand is offering a lifetime of the finest Hendrick’s gin, along with a lifetime supply of cucumbers for any information regarding its whereabouts.

Walking into the event, the carpet was laid with roses. I felt like I was about to walk-in on a wedding. I was greeted with hosts, dressed up in cabaret and carnival clothing. The big screens around the bar were promoting the disappearance of the giant cucumber. As the drinks poured on, so was our enjoyment with every detail in the event. From the cocktails to the canapés, we were drowning in roses, cucumber and gin (of course). Not to mention the spectacular view, the skyline and harbour were right in front of us to take in. We felt very sophisticated for one night.

Hendricks Gin Darling Harbour


The most exciting part of my experience was the brand ambassador standing in a bathtub full of roses and cucumbers to express his love for the gin brand and the search for the missing giant cucumber.

Hendrick’s Gin is also hosting a pop-up bar in Darling Harbour. A ‘cucumber currency’ is taking Darling Harbour by storm, pick up a ‘cuke’ from the kiosk and exchange it for a free gin and tonic at participating bars in Darling Harbour.

– Kevin
Kevin Rodrigueza is a 23-year-old Sydney local who enjoys craft beer, theatre and all-things culture. Follow his adventures at @kevinr___.

Hendrick’s Gin Pop up is at Darling Harbour, Sydney CBD until 23 March.

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