A Bathtub Bar by Hendrick’s Gin presents the new Hendrick’s Orbium

A bespoke Hendrick’s Gin bar has popped up on The Tilbury deck in Woolloomoolooo, and is custom designed out of a glorious Victorian-style bathtub.

Reminiscent of something delightfully other-worldly, it has a name as complex as its extraordinary appearance: The Hendrick’s Assistance Dispensary for Advantageous Cocktail Mixing Bar.

This month’s media launch revealed that the pop-up will be part of a month-long activation and gin offering, which includes Hendrick’s Gin’s newest release after 17 years: Hendrick’s Orbium.

As a self-professed gin enthusiast, I was delighted when on arrival, we were met with a tray of everyone’s favourite: classic Hendrick’s Gin and Tonics, served the way they’re best enjoyed — with a cucumber garnish. This staple start to the evening kicked off an array of sensory delights on offer, the highlight of which was a Hendrick’s “meditative martini” experience.

Brand Ambassador Morgan Flanagan gently blindfolded each of us, we were given a set of headphones and guided by a mysterious masculine voice into a sensual 5-minute meditation on the drinks we beheld. When they were unveiled, we got the chance to mindfully compare the distinct tasting difference between two martinis: the classic Hendrick’s Gin martini, and its newest cousin — Hendrick’s Orbium.

A reimagining of Hendrick’s Gin by their Master Distiller Leslie Grace, Hendrick’s Orbium is described as “what Hendrick’s might taste like in a parallel universe”. It’s made with the same distillates as Hendrick’s Gin, but infused with the unique flavours of Quinine (found in tonic), Wormwood (found in vermouth) and Blue Lotus Blossom. The result is a pleasurably different take on a timeless classic.

Guests were introduced to four Hendrick’s Gin cocktails throughout the night. These will be served at the bar until November 18, along with the newly released Hendrick’s Orbium and Soda — also to be served exclusively at the pop-up dispensary.

Hendrick’s Gin has always been known and respected for its sophistication and originality. Their newest addition does not disappoint. The pop-up bar itself is a sight to behold. Fashioned from an ornate bathtub, affixed with wheels, golden fixtures, and laden with roses — this bar’s designed for boozing, not bathing. After ample amounts of gin that evening, guests were awash with good spirits.

This latest activation by Hendrick’s Gin joins the trend among iconic alcohol brands, in getting progressively inventive about the way their drinks are perceived, consumed, and enjoyed. The bar is open for business from October 19 until November 18  — just in time for the better part of Spring. Let the celebrations be gin!

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who likes to keep things gin-teresting. Follow her on Instagram.

Hendrick’s Orbium is an on-premise release only, and will be available in limited edition nationally from October. For more info, check out the Hendrick’s Gin Facebook Page.

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Photos: Savannah PR and writer’s own.