Meatstock Sydney

Meatstock: Aussie BBQ, American Style

As an American woman living in Sydney, it’s been incredibly interesting to see classic American things (food, design, clothing, cultural standards) through the eyes of Australians. I had the pleasure of attending Meatstock: the festival of meat and music (and a lot more meat).

I was able to experience Southern American BBQ through a different cultural lens. So swap out your cornbread for some chips, get your grill going, and keep reading for my review of this legendary event!

Meatstock Sydney

Through the smoky haze of barbies hard at work, one could see the incredible gathering of foodies, local businesses, and badass BBQ connoisseurs. Walking around would make anyone hungry; between the smell of home-cooked ribs in the air and the sight of sausages sizzling on every grill, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to dig into my lunch.

After browsing the main drag of food stands about a million times, my boyfriend and I settled on classic pulled pork burgers, topped with American cheese, slaw, and smothered in barbecue sauce. Sitting on a bench, a cider in one hand and a burger in the other, I think I experienced true happiness right then and there.

Meatstock Sydney

We walked around the entirety of the festival about three times, spotting new and interesting things at every turn. I mean, where else would one be able to see a grill in the back of Holden Ute? Or an axe-throwing competition? Perhaps a live tutorial on how to butterfly leg of lamb? If you can think of another location, let me know, because I’d love to go. Meatstock was a fabulous collection of everything a meat festival should have.

Meatstock Sydney

Though the concept of this festival was spot-on, we would’ve loved to have seen more variety in the food offered (there were mainly ribs and pulled pork platters), and maybe more food and beverage outlets.

The lines were insanely long by the time the doors opened at 11am. Getting a drink took anywhere from 20-30 minutes due to the queue, and receiving an order of food may have taken longer as the day wore on. Despite this, most things were well worth the wait!

Meatstock Sydney

Meatstock was a meat and entertainment marvel of epic proportions.

– Erica
Erica Feinstein is an American university student who is currently working abroad in Sydney. She’s not keen on leaving the beautiful land of Australia anytime soon, and looks forward to attending many more events. @ericafeinstein

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Photo credit: Erica Feinstein and Meatstock.