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A ‘Glorious’ and fun night out with Florence Foster Jenkins

The show Glorious is on tour in Australia and it makes for a fantastic night out with friends or for a date. The show tells the hilarious story of the world’s worst opera singer, Florence Foster Jenkins. But it is not a fictional tale. Sometimes, reality is better than fiction — and this true story proves it.

Glorious is a show laced with hilariously bad singing, people who delude themselves and others, and the astonishment of having someone so bad proudly singing on stage and succeeding in capturing an audience.

To her own ears and the ears of some of her supporters, Florence Foster Jenkins must have sounded like an angel. But for the greater part of her audience, she was the cause of laughter and joy in its own way. Her story shows that a singer can touch people with courage, self-confidence, and persistence just as much as with the songs themselves.

It is a very unusual show, with sexual undertones and the message that talent isn’t everything. This fabulous life story can bring the audience to tears with laughter and at the same time amaze them with its crazy nature.

– Monique
Monique Pitzer was born and raised in Germany, where she also started working as a freelance journalist and freelance writer. She moved to Australia and started a business as a writer, translator, and tutor.


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