Only Heaven Knows at the Hayes Theatre

‘Only Heaven Knows’ at the Hayes Theatre

As part of VIVID KX, Hayes Theatre Co presents the musical Only Heaven Knows. The revival of the 1988 Alex Harding classic, and further inspired by the 1995 adaptation, Only Heaven Knows premieres its 30th anniversary with an all-star cast starring Ben Hall, Tim Draxl, Hayden Tee and many more.

It starts off with a simple premise: 1944, King’s Cross. At the height of WWII, being gay was still illegal and Sydney was the nation’s hub of entertainment and culture. A young Melbourne lad, Tim (played by Ben Hall), moves to Sydney with hopes and dreams. He navigates the busy streets of Sydney whilst pursuing his dream of becoming a famous playwright. He finds a few friends along the way — and the love of his life.

Only Heaven Knows at the Hayes Theatre

Only Heaven Knows explores the complexities of love, sex, and fear. Cast your minds to a whole different world back in the 40s. Society’s fabric and perceived priorities were completely different.  As Cliff (played by Tim Draxl) knowingly says, ‘Boys like us, we’re illegal’.

The musical will make you grow increasingly fond of the characters and their lovable qualities. It’s quirky, heartfelt and funny. The situation which Tim finds himself in starts to unfold, immersing the audience into the fun and complex setting — with a whole lot of possibilities.

Only Heaven Knows at the Hayes Theatre

Only Heaven Knows will instil a newfound appreciation for the daily struggles young queer men faced. The message is driven further by the songs performed by the roster of five actors. You cannot help but feel proud to be seeing a locally, and brilliantly-produced show, in the city it was based on.

Individuality and a sense of community are the themes that make this production so immersive and relatable. Only Heaven Knows will make you cry and laugh, scream and pant, gasp and fall in love all at the same time.

– Kevin
Kevin Rodrigueza is a 21-year-old Sydney local who enjoys burgers, theatre and all things culture. Follow his adventures at @kevinr___.

Only Heaven Knows runs 26 May to 1 July 2017 at Hayes Theatre. Buy tickets now.

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Image credit: Robert Catto.