Lunar Markets Pyrmont Sydney Menulog

Pyrmont Lunar Markets, starring the Menulog At-Home Zone

Do you love markets but hate lining up for food? Or maybe you suffer the all too common fate of ordering your fill before you’re fully aware of all the options, only to realise you’ve chosen too soon? Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend, the Menulog At-Home Zone in Sydney’s Lunar Markets. I think you’ll get along just fine.

Claiming prime waterfront real estate in the market precinct in Pyrmont Bay Park, the At-Home Zone is probably exactly what you’re imagining: a little oasis away from the crowds where you can lounge about, queen-like, while the wonderful Menulog team brings you whichever delicacies you desire from the surrounding stalls.

Lunar Markets Pyrmont Sydney Menulog

It works the same way Menulog does when you’re at home, slightly hungover on Sunday night and wondering where your weekend went. You go online, peruse what’s on offer at each stall, make your choice and *ta-da* your food appears 10 minutes later. While it may be a worrying sign of the times that a delivery service is now available at a venue where food is being cooked mere metres away, you can’t deny there’s a certain luxury to the idea.

There are around 20 stalls serving up all sorts of goodness at the markets this year and, while not all are available to order through the Menulog app, you certainly don’t suffer from a lack of options. Maybe you’d like to start with one of Hoi Pinoy’s delicious BBQ skewers, sample some pulled pork goodness from the folks at Chur Burger, or put yourself into a sugar coma with a decadent Nutella waffle? Did I mention there’s also wine? Because there is. And you should drink some.

Lunar Markets Pyrmont Sydney Menulog

With the #SlothLife sorted there’s not much else to do but sit back, admire the water views and Chinese lanterns, accept regular deliveries of wine and dumplings, and congratulate yourself on a choice well made.

– Kirsty
Kirsty Fanton is a freelance writer with sloth-like tendencies. She enjoys sleep, likes to think she’s strangely endearing, and has rather long arms.

The Lunar Markets, including the Menulog At-Home Zone, run 27 January–5 February 2017 in Pyrmont Bay Park. Entry is free.
The venue is accessible.

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Image credit: Red Agency.