Continue as you mean to go on: February 2017 guide to Sydney events

Our Top 10 Picks for February 2017 are even better than January’s! We aim to set this trend throughout the year, bringing you the latest and greatest from our favourite city on Australia/the world.

Being smack bang in the middle of summer temperatures means there are more opportunities for evening ventures in the outdoors, whether that be strolling from food stall to food stall or taking long night walks in the park under the stars. Of course we didn’t forget about fun in the sun either, and have included the best water activities Sydney has to offer in order to cool down with a splash.

Fabulous February only happens once a year so enjoy it before it slips out of our clutches like January did — ever too quickly!

Pyrmont Lunar Markets
Presented by The Star, this pop up food festival is free to attend and has been running since the end of January for a total of ten nights. The market throws you right into Asian culture with over twenty stall holders hailing from Japan, China and Thailand, boasting their countries’ traditional dishes.

ROC Race
Who doesn’t adore a giant obstacle course featuring miniature figures aka humans battling it out against Wrecking Balls and the Sweeper? The spectators do, that’s for sure! The race features 12 ridiculous obstacles and is open to all levels of fitness and daredevils.

Chinese New Year at Kensington Street
The Year of the Monkey will be welcomed in festive and atmospheric Chinese style with everything from the traditional lanterns to lion dancers to fortune tellers. Immerse yourself in this incredible culture and take part in the games and explore the food on offer, while celebrating unity, happiness and good fortune for the year to come.

Story Club
Every deals with anxiety, stress and panic at some stage in our lives, but luckily most of the time we manage to cover this up on the outside. But what if everyone watching could see it all for what it really is? Introducing Performance Anxiety, which presents scenarios of all levels of stress and embarrassment from undone flies to stage fright.

The Red Picnic
Red shoes? Check. Red food? Check. Red outfit? Check. Red bag? Check. Red beverages? Check. (You get the drift).

Culture Up Late
Including pop up bars, live music, spider venom milking and virtual reality films, your Night at the Museum just got too real. The Australian Museum will remain open until 9pm every Wednesday and Friday night for the whole month of February. An interesting and informative experience.

Tomato Festival
Pretend you have been whisked away to the streets and countryside of Italy at the Royal Botanical Gardens for this royal tomato experience. Featuring tomato growing competitions and pizza making for the kids, every single burning question you ever asked yourself about the tomato might possibly find its answer at this festival.

The theme of this TEDx talk will be based around the concepts ‘Think, Act, Evolve.’ Five speakers will each present five topics dealing with human existence, change and ideas which will shape the future.

Ghostly Garden Tours
Another event offered at the Botanical Gardens, this after hours journey leads you through the ponds, buildings and heritage of the grounds. Accompanied by spine-tingling stories of past mysteries and spooks, dare to breath the night breeze with the owls and bats.

Manly Inflatable Boat Race
This annual event is once again set to deliver all the excitement, entertainment and laughter which everyone expects when they imagine an inflatable boat race. Amateurs in fancy dress are most welcome to help make the boat race and fun and laid back day out.