MCA ARTBAR ‘Futures’ curated by Dara Gill

Flawlessly combining my love of art, music, prosecco and jaw dropping panoramic views, ARTBAR is one of the most unique and delightful events of Sydney’s social calendar. On the last Friday of every month ARTBAR warps and transforms the Museum of Contemporary Art, taking an expected gallery experience and flipping it on its head. Curated by artists, every month ARTBAR sees a different artist carefully pieces together a unique space and program comprising of art, design, performance, music etc. Curating June’s edition of ARTBAR was accomplished Sydney artist and local legend Dara Gill.


I arrived at the MCA last Friday under the cover of darkness and with a gaggle of friends, all of whom were fizzing with excitement for the quasi-scientific futurist party that awaited us. I had my fingers crossed for a Freaky Friday sort of experience (hanging out with Lindsey Lohan included). It always feels slightly peculiar arriving at the esteemed MCA with the primary intention of partying and getting down… that is of course until you realise that the MCA and their lovely staff are just as keen to let their hair down as you are.

885683_835651229816962_8530430908747589662_oWe explored to incandescent and surreal space beau    tifully curated by Gill, and were greeted by surprising artworks and people around every corner. After experiencing virtual realities and future world’s through the chunkiest of oculus goggles (ARTBAR rues), my friends and I emerged from the elevator and rambled out onto the sculpture terrace hoping to find the bar, only to be struck by a wave of sumptuous beats, vibrant colours and gorgeous art lovers. In addition to the incredible atmosphere that engulfed us, my giddy friends and I were met by one of the most breathtaking views of Sydney harbour you could ever hope to see. As far as postcard views go, there aren’t many that can compare to that afforded by the MCA’s sculpture terrace.

10989471_835650926483659_9082211718763457798_oIt wasn’t long before the sculpture terrace morphed into an all-subsuming disco and soul driven dance floor whereby patron’s silhouettes were thrust upon the wall by a series of YouTube projections and hilarious comment sections (as I said earlier, ARTBAR rules). Amongst all of the post-internet insignia offered by both the space and its eclectic patrons, the dance floor kept growing and the hits kept coming as hundreds of people pirouetted towards a totally unknown yet enticingly luminous future.

ARTBAR is one of those special events that you have to see to believe. “It’s Art, but not as you know it”.


– Yarran Gatsby



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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Museum of Contemporary Arts.
Photos courtesy of MCA ArtBar Facebook Page.