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Madcap fun on Gilligan’s Island

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…who could mistake those opening words and sounds of the theme song of that 1964-67  TV show you watched after school, laughing at the exploits of a bunch of first world fools…

‘The Memory of Water’ at Chapel Off Chapel

How do our memories construct our identities? Can someone else’s memories have an impact on our life? In The Memory of Water, one of the characters states that water retains an object’s properties even after the object has been removed….

A Fine Romance- 2 leads

Astaire dances again in ‘A Fine Romance’

Get your evening gear on and toes tapping in a magical night of nostalgic charm at A Fine Romance: The Magic Of Fred Astaire. Polished performances, supported by a three-piece musical ensemble, playful script, and elegant era choreography make this a…

Anno Zombie play Melbourne

‘Anno Zombie’ at Chapel Off Chapel – daily life for zombies

Nevermind weapons during the zombie apocalypse — where will I get my single origin coffee?! Melbourne is crawling with the brain-eating undead after a new drug trial goes sour. A few survivors of varying backgrounds and ages find shelter at…

‘Take A Seat’ at Chapel Off Chapel

What happens you trap a seemingly random group of people in a room together and tell them they are all dead and awaiting a journey to heaven or hell? Do they accept their fate, question their religion, or does it…

The Perfume Garden

The Perfume Garden was first performed thirteen years ago at the Gasworks Theatre. It made a return in 2007 at The Athanaeum and now, it has been revamped for 2017 and is being performed at the wonderful Chapel off Chapel….

Melbourne Cabaret Festival

The Melbourne Cabaret Festival – guide to the best events

The Melbourne Cabaret Festival is returning this June for its eighth iteration (20 June-2 July 2017). After a stellar event last year, it has truly become one of the city’s major winter art events and a TPO favourite. It’s two…

‘The Screwtape Letters’ at Chapel off Chapel

If you have ever considered renouncing goodness and training to become a demon, The Screwtape Letters is a great place to start. Based on The Chronicles of Narnia author C.S. Lewis’s popular satire, it concerns the letters between an elder…