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Funny Cow

Film Review: ‘Funny Cow’

You won’t see this punchline coming Sometimes, you’ll be so enthralled by a movie while watching it, you won’t notice how odd it was until the lights come up, the screen dims and you make your way out of the…

sway melbourne magic festival

The Honest Con Man at Melbourne Magic Festival

Lie, cheat, steal, win…words of advice a friend once jokingly gave me to get ahead in life. Nicholoas J. Johnson’s life motto isn’t too dissimilar: persuade, influence, manipulate, which is put on display at his Melbourne Magic Festival show, Sway….

Ebony Black

The Three Deaths of Ebony Black at The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club serves up a wonderful array of shows outside of the festival season throughout the year, and there is one that is currently earning praise in the field of creative theatre. ‘The Three Deaths of Ebony Black’ is…