Club Vegas – The Spectacle

Club Vegas: The Spectacle dazzled Melbourne this weekend with a lavish and breathtaking nod to the glamour and over-the-top glitz of yesteryear on the famous Las Vegas Strip. This truly is a variety show for everyone, with dance, music, elaborate costumes, acrobatics, illusion and even drag!

Producers Dion & Randall International have re-imagined their Club Vegas show, which they originally premiered in 1995, with music ranging from golden classics to the latest chart hits.

Club Vegas The Spectacle

A cast of world-class dancers perform back to back choreographed numbers in between a variety of excellent acts. The host of the night (who appeared like magic out of a genie lamp) was comedian Gino Starr (Aka James Lotta) who was dripping in Versace and some very shiny gold boots. He lit up the room with his charm and charisma. Playing to the local audience, every joke about Frank Costa and other icons of Melbourne had the audience chuckling in-between dance numbers.

Sharing the glittering spotlight was illusionist Sam Powers and his assistant Alycia who had plenty of ‘how did they do that’ moments. Singers J’aime Holland and Jonathan Guthrie Jones payed tribute to many famous icons who have graced Las Vegas showrooms with songs old and new.

It was the breathtaking aerialist and acrobatics duo AussieBela! that really had us holding out breath with a variety of different performances. Aerial artist Danii performing high on the silk while J’aime and Jonathan sang down below on the stage was a particular highlight, as was the duo performing a very acrobatic quick-change routine. Drag queen Fabio Cattafi was also a lot of fun as she pumped out a rapid fire medley of Tina Turner classics that had our audience clapping and singing along.

No Vegas show is complete without over the top, bejeweled, diamante-encrusted costumes which were themed around classic Vegas-strip hotels and icons. Every time that the dancers came out, we would be surprised with another new over-the-top sparkly outfit. While all the dancers seemed like they were having a great time and smashing the choreography, dancer Benito Veneziano really put everything into his performance.

In Melbourne, where culture, arts, and entertainment thrive, Club Vegas: The Spectacle stands out as a must-see experience. It’s a show that combines world-class talent, the glitz of Vegas, and the warmth of Australia’s entertainment scene into a spectacle that you won’t want to miss.

So, if you’re looking for a night of non-stop entertainment, glamour, and a dash of luck, head to Club Vegas: The Spectacle. It’s a very limited run of shows this weekend, before they head to the ‘Vegas of Australia’: The Gold Coast.

– The Plus Ones

Club Vegas: The Spectacle is playing now at The Atheneum Theatre in Melbourne, September 1-3 and select dates across Australia. Buy your tickets here.

Photo Credit: Supplied.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Make a Difference (MAD) PR.