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The Butterfly Club’s 2017 Summer Program: The Plus Ones’ picks

The ever charismatic and entertaining director Simone Pulga once again invited The Plus Ones to the The Butterfly Club’s curated summer 2017-18 program, with matching cocktails.  One of our perennial favourites in the independent arts space, there is much to…

Laneway Theatre Magic Show Melbourne

Pure Magic at the Laneway Theatre

When was the last time you witnessed pure magic? Did you stare in amazement or did you wrack your mind trying to conjure an explanation for the phenomena? Pure Magic by magician Tim Ellis marks the first show at the…

Lawrence Leung’s Very Strange Things

Do you consider yourself a Moulder or a Scully? Do you want to believe or are you a stone cold skeptic? Lawrence Leung’s Very Strange Things is a hilarious combination of both wonder and logic, and it’s showing between 11-15…

Gala melbourne magic festival

Melbourne Magic Festival Close Up Gala Show

The Melbourne Magic Festival Close Up Gala Show was massive, with two performances occurring simultaneously on the two main theatres of the venue. Nicholas J Johnson opened proceedings for those of us in Studio 2 by encouraging us to clap…

MagicSports Melbourne Magic Festival

MagicSports at Melbourne Magic Festival 2017

MagicSports is a wonderful opportunity for magicians to show their comedic side. It’s TheatreSports, but using magicians instead of actors and with magical objectives as well as theatrical ones. The end result is entertainment unlike anything you’ve ever seen before….

The Confidence Artist at Melbourne Magic Festival 2017

The Confidence Artist promises to help us discover such skills as the secret of telling a good lie and how to cheat at cards without getting caught. In typical magician style, Nicholas J. Johnson doesn’t really teach us those things….

Joshua Jay at Melbourne Magic Festival 2017

I remember the time when I was 14 years old and my parents, back in Germany, surprised me with tickets to a David Copperfield show. This was my first experience of world-class magic and I will never forget the sense…