The Illusionists

Stand aside muggles, these Illusionists are the real deal. The Illusionists direct from Broadway, is a mind-blowing show performed by eight fantastic illusionists from around the world. Collectively these performers have been seen by millions of people, and this production showcases their talents on stage together for the very first time. The Illusionists is a magical variety show that will command your complete attention.

Each of these master illusionists specialise in their own type of magic.  All the classic illusions are represented with levitation, mentalism, disappearance and even a touch of daggy dad-joke magical comedy. The show is brought to life by some dramatic lighting, and tightly choreographed dancers on stage – this is a very slick operation and you won’t feel ashamed to let your inner child out.

We particularly enjoyed Leonardo Bruno’s closeup magic, where he levitated a paper rose and created snow for some children live on stage. Chris Cox the mentalist (no, not that mentalist) part of the show were a touch too long but all is forgiven when the only female illusionist to perform, Jinger Leigh-Kalin and her partner in crime Mark Kalin pull off a spellbinding disappearance act and levitating glowing globe.

The Illusionists have sold out shows all over the world and they mean to do the same in Melbourne.  The performance runs for a good few hours with intermission and though it is family friendly, you could easily make it an adults only night out with friends.  Even though the over the top theatrics are a little gimmicky, the show is very entertaining.  You will be left puzzled, amazed and believing, if only a little bit, that magic exists.

– Tomas
Tomas Zagoda is a filmmaker, writer, coffee addict and tall person who does not play basketball. You can follow him @TomasZagoda

The Illusionists are touring Australia, with a limited run in Melbourne from 24 – 27 January 2019. Tickets are available here.
This venue is accessible.

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Cavanagh PR.
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