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The Honest Con Man at Melbourne Magic Festival

Lie, cheat, steal, win…words of advice a friend once jokingly gave me to get ahead in life. Nicholoas J. Johnson’s life motto isn’t too dissimilar: persuade, influence, manipulate, which is put on display at his Melbourne Magic Festival show, Sway.

Sway is a show about words, which explores the dark side of manipulation. Part magic, part mindf@$*, part comedy, Nicholas will take you on an entrancing journey through the black magic of persuasion, using four everyday strategies from psychology 101 to convince audience members to act against their own will, read minds, and make the unconceivable happen.

Known as the “Honest Con Man,” Nicholas works as a magician, comedian, and educator to expose the “tricks behind the tricks,” educating audiences about the tactics around deception, fraud, and con artistry, in hopes they can better identify such scenarios in real life.

Sway is more than just a magic show, it’s a firsthand look into the underbelly of a con artist’s mind, and is not to be missed at this year’s Melbourne Magic Festival.

– Ember Mitchell
Ember is an American turned Aussie. Her love affair with Melbourne goes back five years, and she still can’t get enough of this city! Discovering new hideouts and hidden gems around Melbourne is her hobby. Marketing Strategist by day, spontaneous adventurer, brekky enthusiast, and aerial acrobat by night.  

Sway is on daily through Sunday July 8, 2018 at the Sawtooth Studio, 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood, Victoria. You can purchase tickets here.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones are invited guests of Melbourne Magic Festival
Photo credit: Melbourne Magic Festival