NONSTOP WKND Takes Over Melbourne CBD

The Plus Ones had privilege of attending NONSTOP WKND in Melbourne on September 1-2. Over 70 industry-leading artists and 13 unique shows were spread across six iconic venues, promising an immersive experience like no other.

There was a energetic buzz on Swanston Street, and we knew we were in for something special. The lineup across the weekend was diverse, featuring genre-bending performances that had us enthralled well past midnight. Each venue had its unique charm, and cutting-edge audio-visuals elevated the sounds to another level.

What truly set NONSTOP WKND apart were the international acts that graced the stage. Their energy and talent were unmatched, and they were complemented by newly commissioned works and local favorites who showcased themselves like never before.

Queer PowerPoint at The Toff was a refreshing departure from conventional presentations. This event, hosted by Xanthe Dobbie and Harriet Gillies, challenged the corporate norm by infusing it with a queer twist. It was an evening filled with surprising stories, secret passions, and playful swipes, all celebrating queerness and presented through Microsoft Powerpoint.

Our favourite slide-pack presentation on the night, How not to get Catfished, was inspired by MTV’s very own reality show Catfished. Neither my plus one or I have tuned in to this glorious mess of a show, but it is now on our must binge list for next weekend. It gave us the downlow on why people catfish, how to spot one, and some of the most ridiculous catfish unmaskings that sent shockwaves across room.

SPASTA was another highlight of NONSTOP WKND. Held in the heart of Melbourne/Narrm’s CBD, it celebrated the Greek tradition of plate smashing (“SPASTA”) to express joy and bring good luck. With a lineup featuring talents like Jamie Tiller, Ani Phoebe, Amaru Tribe, and Disco Mediterranea, the night at Max Watt’s was true to its namesake—filled with good vibes, worldly club sounds and even Pontian dancers!

The Enclave takeover of Miscellania was a boundary-pushing experience. The headline act, French-Honduran artist Low Jack, pushed our musical boundaries. Adding to the excitement, a new collaborative trio consisting of Karina Utomo, Rohan Rebeiro, and Joshua Wells created a unique blend of noise, bass, experimental vocals, and live percussion that was a crowd favourite.

And let’s not forget the roaring soiree, Toff Disco, hosted by Melbourne’s music collective 6am at the Garage. Inspired by the iconic music gatherings in New York, this event featured a stellar lineup including DITA, Sauce81, Jura Soundsystem, and Asha Franco. House, disco, and boogie that made for an epic night of music and dancing.

NONSTOP WKND truly delivered on its promise of pushing boundaries and celebrating diversity in music and culture. It offered a glimpse into the future of Melbourne’s live and electronic music scene while embracing traditions and reimagining them with a queer twist. It was a choose-your-own-adventure festival within a festival, an opportunity to revel in the strangeness of digital tools, and a celebration of culture, joy, and creativity.

We can’t wait to be back next year for more unforgettable moments and musical adventures!

– The Plus Ones

Photo Credit: Supplied.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of ARTICULATE PR