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Animal Majeure Boardman

Wild look at first world dramas in Force Majeure’s You Animal, You

At the zenith of civilisation in the early 21st century, we like to think of humanity as polished, ethical, democratic.  Force Majeure in Danielle Micich directed You Animal, You, strives to unveil the subliminal drives within us that predate this surface veneer….

Cella Paul White DM19 Samaya

Metaphysical dance spell cast in Cella

As part of Dance Massive 2019 storming Melbourne in March, Arts House show Narelle Benjamin with Paul White in Cella, a work about cellular life. A frisson of flesh and breath, their mystical romp wrap us up in magical, metaphysical…

Modern Chinese Degustations for both Vegans and Meat Eaters

Looking for a fun and affordable degustation? Shu Restaurant just launched a new ten course Sichuan degustation menu. It’s the meatier counterpart to their long running vegan degustation. Chef Shu incorporates the flavours of his hometown in the Sichuan province…