Never Never Release Southern Strength Gin To Keep You Warm This Winter

The Australian bar scene is a haven for juniper enthusiasts, and Never Never Distilling Co. is a particular hero for gin lovers!

The South Australian distillery’s feisty Southern Strength Gin, however, isn’t your average G&T sipper. This award-winning spirit (World’s Best Classic Gin in 2019, no less) packs a punch with a higher ABV at a whopping 52% and a steadfast focus on bold botanicals the distillery is known for.

Never Never’s gins are all crafted with a “Triple Juniper process,” but Southern Strength dials things up with a citrusy kick.

Expect a blast of pine mingling with lemon and earthy angelica root. The coriander seed adds another layer of citrus zest, while the juniper berries remain the star of the show.

It’s a full-bodied spirit with a peppery warmth and a lingering cinnamon finish, perfect for the cooler season we’re coming into here in Melbourne.

But Southern Strength isn’t the only game in Never Never’s juniper jungle.

Their core range includes the Triple Juniper Gin, a more traditional option perfect for the gin purist. For the adventurous, there’s the Beeswax & Olive Gin, boasting savoury notes alongside the juniper, the Pink Pepper Gin, with a touch of floral sweetness and our personal favourite, the Oyster Shell Gin which reminds us of long Australian coastal walks.

If 52% sounds like a party to you, then we’d recommend a pairing of the Southern Strength with some quality ginger beer (our choice is Fever Tree Ginger Beer), some fresh lime and a sprig of mint. The gin is bold enough to cut through the ginger so don’t be shy in your pour.

No matter your gin preference, Never Never Distilling Co. has been busy crafting up something for all tastes.

If you’re looking for a bold and flavourful gin that’ll stand out in your next cocktail and look very impressive on your home bar, then head south (figuratively speaking) and give Southern Strength a try. Just remember, this gin’s got some serious strength, so sip with care!

– The Plus Ones Team

Never Never Southern Strength Gin is available online or at specialty bottle shops across Australia.

Photo Credit: Supplied, Now & Then Photography.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited to try these drinks courtesy of HHPR.