WICKED Casts Its Spell on Melbourne

The Plus Ones team were thrilled to be invited along to the opening night of the enchanting spectacle of WICKED at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre last night.

Celebrating 20 spellbinding years since its Broadway debut, WICKED continues to cast its spell as one of the world’s most beloved musicals, captivating over 65 million audiences globally. Now, Melbourne has eagerly awaited its turn to be bewitched again by this extraordinary tale.

Photo credit: Jeff Busby

Long before Dorothy’s arrival, WICKED unveils the untold story of two remarkable young women in the land of Oz — one misunderstood with emerald-green skin, the other bubbly and blonde. Their journey from rivals to friends unfolds against a backdrop of ambition, friendship, and the ultimate battle between good and wicked.

Photo credit: Jeff Busby

In a performance that’s nothing short of mesmerising, Courtney Monsma shines as the bubbly Glinda, while Sheridan Adams delivers a standout debut performance as Elphaba. My Plus One and I could not help but (quietly) singing along to our favourite moments. Lucky most of those around us where enchanted to do the same.

Photo credit: Jeff Busby

Supported by a talented ensemble cast, including the likes of Robyn Nevin and Simon Burke, the story unfolded on stage with a grace and grandeur that captivated our senses. From the intricate set design to the breathtaking musical numbers, every aspect of the production was executed with the precision and flair that will impress even the biggest WICKED stans.

Photo credit: Jeff Busby

Under the trusted direction of John Frost, WICKED proved to be a theatrical experience unlike any other. With its timeless tale of friendship and ambition, the musical left us spellbound once more from start to finish.

– Brenton

Wicked The Musical is now playing at Regent Theatre, get your tickets here.

Photo Credit: Jeff Busby.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Lucky Star Media.