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Underground Cinema DELIRIUM

Underground Cinema: DELIRIUM immersive cinema experience

With their latest immersive extravaganza, ‘Delirium’, the team at Underground Cinema have completely outdone themselves. The surprise setting, immersive acting, and mystery film are already ingredients for a huge success. They upped the ante for the one-of-a-kind experience that is ‘Delirium’….

Underground Cinema MONEY

WOW! That is what I said right after this event finished. I have been at many creative, fun and artistic film events in my life, but what the guys from the Underground Cinema put together last Saturday was completely authentic…

Underground Cinema’s ‘PATRIOT’ experience

Everything about Underground Cinema is a surprise. The film is secret. The location is secret. All you know is you’re going to watch a movie, interact with actors, and that you should dress a certain way. The UGC team are masters at…