A Magical and Captivating Spectacle: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

The enchantment of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has come to life at the Capitol Theatre, Sydney, delivering a truly magical and unforgettable theatrical experience. This timeless tale of love and redemption, expertly brought to the stage, transcends expectations and immerses audiences in a world of wonder.

The production’s sheer grandeur is evident from the moment the curtains rise. The Capitol Theatre serves as the perfect backdrop for this visually stunning show, with its pared-back sets and exquisite attention to detail augmented by superb projections and special effects. Every scene is meticulously crafted, from the enchanting village of Belle to the majestic halls of the Beast’s castle, transporting the audience into a fairy tale realm.

The costume design deserves special mention, as it seamlessly blends fairy tale aesthetics with practicality. From the intricate details of Belle’s iconic yellow gown to the elaborate transformations of the castle’s enchanted staff, each costume adds depth and dimension to the characters, enhancing their portrayal.

The production’s technical aspects, including lighting and sound design, elevate the overall experience. The lighting effects create a mesmerizing atmosphere, transporting the audience from the cozy village to the hauntingly beautiful castle. The sound design complements the performances, ensuring crystal-clear dialogue and an immersive auditory experience.

Beyond the stunning visuals, the heart of Beauty and the Beast lies in its timeless message. The production beautifully explores the transformative power of love and the importance of looking beyond appearances. As the story unfolds, the audience is reminded that true beauty resides within and that kindness and understanding can break even the darkest curses.

The heart of the production lies in its exceptional cast, who effortlessly breathe life into these iconic characters. Belle, portrayed by Shubshri Kandiah, exudes grace and strength, capturing the character’s intelligence and compassion. The Beast, played by Brendan Xavier, masterfully portrays the Beast’s transformation, drawing the audience into his emotional journey and eliciting empathy and understanding.

The chemistry between the cast members is palpable, particularly in the show-stopping musical numbers. The beloved songs, including Be Our Guest and Beauty and the Beast, are flawlessly executed, leaving the audience in awe of the vocal prowess and choreography. The energy and enthusiasm of the ensemble cast are infectious, creating a vibrant atmosphere that resonates throughout the theatre. Multiple standing ovations occurred throughout the show on opening night.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a triumph of storytelling, spectacle, and pure magic. It offers an escape into a world where love conquers all and reminds us of the ultimate power of compassion. Prepare to be dazzled and enchanted by this enchanting journey that will leave you humming its melodies long after the final curtain call.


Daniel Craig is an international performer and has established himself as a trusted theatre specialist on the Sydney Arts Scene. While he understands the technical side of theatre, Dan writes for the everyday theatregoer (unlike some of those more prominent publications). When not in the audience, he loves to travel the world trying new gin. Follow him on all the socials @talldancraig

Beauty and the Beast runs for 2 hours 30 mins (including 20 min interval) and plays at Capitol Theatre through 5 November 2023. Tickets are available exclusively through Ticketmaster.

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Image credit: Daniel Boud.