Brodi Snook Handful

Sydney Comedy Festival: Brodi Snook’s ‘Handful’

In a tiny hall wedged in the Factory Theatre, Brodi Snook walks confidently into the spotlight of the stage. Snook’s special is wittily named ‘Handful’ after an experience where she was named a ‘handful’ by a man on a first date. She explores subjects as hilariously light-hearted as dating, and crazy exes — while also touching on important contemporary themes like harassment, mental illness, and feminism.

Snook was able to relate to the young, millennial to Gen-Z audience which were seated around her, an ability which set the performance apart from others. She started the show by joking about her new life back in her hometown in Perth, when she had just spent many years living abroad in London. From living with your mum, to bumping into old high-school classmates, the story was relatable to a large population of youngsters who sat in the crowd, many of us having returned to our own family homes during the pandemic.

By far, the most profound part of ‘Handful’ was Snook’s graceful and light-hearted storytelling of her own experience with harassment. Touching on personal testimonies of a situation she had experienced with an ex-boyfriend, Snook artfully outlined the issues surrounding gender inequality in contemporary society. Her inspiring story of overcoming her own harassment case was met with understanding and sympathetic silence in the room, immediately cut by her witty, self-deprecating stories pulled out from a box labelled, “Every F*cked Thing I Have Ever Said, Thought, or Done”.

Snook’s ability to deal with important contemporary issues with grace, humour, consideration, and most importantly, through the eyes of a young female, is what makes her show stand out. From embarrassing but relatable anecdotes, to educated commentaries on important issues, it was definitely a handful. But, who says that’s a bad thing?


Anoushka Anupindi is a student at UNSW Sydney who loves comedy, and all things music.


Brodi Snook’s ‘Handful’ is showing until May 2nd at the Factory Theatre. Make sure you get your tickets now for guaranteed laughs. Wheelchair access is available at this venue upon request.

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