What You Should Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Many people are unhappy with the way that their smile looks. It can be challenging to deal with the self-consciousness that comes from a lack of confidence in one’s smile. In fact, many who are uncomfortable with the way that their teeth look when they smile choose to hide their teeth as much as possible by smiling less and with less expression.

Moreover, the pain and discomfort that are derived from damaged, broken, or infected teeth and gums can range from the nagging to the unbearable. Poor dental hygiene can also have damaging effects on other aspects of your physical health and wellbeing.

For anyone suffering from such dental situations as these, the solution might very well be to undergo a full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction, or FMR as it is commonly called, can be an intimidating prospect. It can, however, lead to the smile that you have always dreamed of having and an increase in your overall dental health.

Reasons to Have FMR

FMR is not something that a person should opt for if their dental hygiene is relatively good. Your dentist can easily fit you with an implant or bridge if you have lost or severely damaged a tooth. FMR is rather a series of procedures designed to correct multiple problems with one’s teeth.

There are some illnesses and diseases, such as acid reflux or diabetes, that cause multiple teeth to either erode or fall out. When this is the case, FMR is an option. Some people who have FMR do so after losing or severely damaging teeth in an accident or traumatic impact.

Prolonged poor dental hygiene is another reason why someone might want to have FMR. When you neglect your dental health for long enough, decay and infections can set in causing severe tooth damage that can’t be repaired by one procedure.

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What You Can Expect

If you find that you are a good candidate for FMR and would like to explore your options, there are a few things that you should bear in mind. Firstly, you can expect to undergo multiple procedures across several appointments. Your first appointment or two, though, will involve your dentist evaluating your dental health and hygiene via X-rays and other methods so that he or she can come up with the right FMR plan for you.

Another thing that you should keep in mind involves the timeline that you will be looking at for your reconstruction procedures. Things like dental implants and bridges take time to make and fit properly, so if your FMR plan includes several such components, then you can expect the work to take a significant amount of time.

FMR is not an overnight fix for your smile. It is a long process that will be done with expertise and precision so that you can end up with a healthier mouth and the smile that you have always wanted.