The Mad Hatter’s High Tea Party

The Wonderland Bar is a place of magic, Cheshire cats, and whimsical cocktails. On Wednesday night, my team of Plus One’s and I were treated to just that. Upon entering, we instantly fell down the rabbit hole and found out that we were incredibly late, for a very important date.

We were greeted by the Mad Hatter and his friendly hare friend, who took us on a thrilling adventure as we solved riddles and rhymes, indulged in ‘Eat Me’ cake, and mixed our own delicious boozy concoction in a vintage teapot.


The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party by The Wizards Den and Beyond Cinema is held in Sydney’s Old World Bar, so you can reminisce whilst enjoying a teapot cocktail or two all over again!

Join in the fun in this exclusive immersive experience where The Mad Hatter himself will show you around a topsy, turvy Wonderland with a few familiar faces. If cocktails are more your thing, get cosy at The Wonderland Bar and enjoy some of the quirky cocktails on offer – just don’t be late.

And remember, we’re all mad here!

When she’s not globetrotting Caitlin Martin loves to scope out Sydney’s hidden gems, with a camera and coffee in hand. Follow her adventures @caitlineliseeee

24 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, Sydney.

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