Home Five O’Clock-tails: Bringing the bar to your kitchen

There can be no doubt that the challenging dawn of Covid-19 has meant that us Sydney-siders need to find new and creative ways to quench our thirst. If you’re ‘simply bored’ at home, Simply Cocktails has announced a new digital concept that aims to bring the bar experience to our homes.

I joined the first Facebook live cocktail mini masterclass for the ‘Simply Cocktails Home Five O’Clock-tails’ and imagine my luck when in five minutes, I learned how to shake and stir the perfect Tia Espresso Martini, a.k.a. the Espresso “Quaran-tini”.

Tia Maria Brand Ambassador Danilo Migliorini talked his viewers through interesting facts and tips about the liquor, outlining its key ingredients: coffee, Jamaican rum, and vanilla. He then gave a step-by-step, dynamic and entertaining mini tutorial on how to replicate our own at home.

Simply Cocktails video tutorials and mini live masterclasses are an ingenious way to cure self-isolation blues right through to the end of June. It will also keep our beloved hospitality industry thriving, while the doors of our favourite restaurants and bars remain closed.

In addition to the live mini masterclasses, the team behind Simply Cocktails will recruit 100 Australian bartenders from around the country to submit their cocktail tutorial videos, so cocktail lovers can shake and stir their favourite tipple in the comfort and safety of their own home.

When you’re done with painstaking work video chats, take the edge off the day by tuning into this virtual cocktail workshop initiative. Trust me, your tastebuds will thank you.

Here’s the lowdown on the full ‘Simply Cocktails Home Five O’Clock-tails’ class schedule:

  • Thursday 9th April: Andy Buntine, Mozart Choc-tails
  • Tuesday 14th April: Josh Obrien, Tom Collins
  • Friday 17th April: Mark Hickey, Black barrel Daiquiri
  • Tuesday 20th April: Andy Buntine, Passoda & Passoa Mule
  • Friday 24th April: Mark Hickey, French Mule
  • Tuesday 28th April: Danilo Migliorini, Disaronno Sour
  • Friday 1st May: Josh O’Brien, Paloma
  • Tuesday 5th May: Josh O’Brien, Highball
  • Friday 8th May: Andy Buntine, Hot Toddy
  • Tuesday 12th May: Mark Hickey, Copa
  • Friday 15th May: Luke Hanzlicek, Chaud
  • Tuesday 19th May: Mark Hickey, Fiorente Spritz
  • Tuesday 25th May: Mark Hickey, Gin & Tonic
  • Friday 29th May: Andy Buntine, St Remy Mule
  • Tuesday 2nd June: Mark Hickey, Naked Sour
  • Friday 5th June: Josh Obrien, V & T
  • Tuesday 9th June: Andy Buntine, Licor 43 Smoothie
  • Friday 12th June: Josh O’Brien, Metaxa Spritz
  • Tuesday 16th June: Andy Buntine, Irish Coffee
  • Friday 19th June: Andy Buntine, Boilermaker
  • Tuesday 22nd June: Mark Hickey, Opal Mule
  • Friday 26th June: Josh O’Brien, Peated highball
  • Tuesday 30th June: Josh O’Brien, Old Fashioned

Support our Food and Beverage industry, and learn a new skill while we’re you’re at it. All ingredients for the Simply Cocktails Home Five O’Clock-tails are available in-store and online from Dan Murphy’sBWSLiquorland, online retailers, BoozebudHelloDrinks and hundreds of independent liquor retailers. We’ll drink to that.

To tune in to Simply Cocktails Home Five O’Clock-tails, visit their Facebook Page.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who drinks by the logic: it’s five o’ clock somewhere. Follow her on Instagram.

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