How to get medical care in Sydney

Whether you live in Sydney or are just there for a few days, some of us may have the unfortunate need to use the medical services in the area at some point. If you do, here’s what resources could be available to you.

Who can get healthcare?

If you are a citizen or a permanent visa holder of Australia or New Zealand, you will be eligible to use Medicare. This is a public healthcare system that covers or largely subsidies treatments provided by GPs and hospitals.

If you are a temporary resident (as a holidaymaker, for example), then you may need to get private medical insurance – although citizens of some countries can access Medicare for the duration of their trip. Even if you are an expat who is eligible for Medicare, it’s advised that you check what is covered and whether you need to have additional private insurance.

You will not be denied emergency healthcare if you don’t have private health insurance or are not eligible for Medicare. However, you will need to pay for the treatment.

What’s covered by Medicare?

Those eligible for Medicare can have costs covered for the following treatments:

  • Seeing a GP or specialist
  • Tests and scans (e.g. x-rays)
  • Most surgery and procedures performed by doctors
  • Eye tests by optometrists

Medicare doesn’t cover:

  • Ambulance travel
  • Most dental services
  • Glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids
  • Cosmetic surgery

I need additional equipment to help with my condition – what can I do?

Some people may need to have additional equipment to help with their day-to-day lives. This could be to manage a chronic condition or short-term relief following a major operation or injury.

If this applies to you, then you may wish to get yourself some additional medical equipment for your home. Bosshard Medical provides medical equipment to homes and hospitals in the Sydney area, which you can rent or buy, and some items are also hire-to-buy.

What equipment can I get?

Depending on your condition and whether it is temporary (such as an injury) or permanent (such as limited mobility through age), there are different items you can get to help you or a patient with particular tasks. Your supplier will be able to advise you about what items may be best for you and your situation.

There are many items that can be rented or bought for you or the patient and that are suitable for your budget. These include bed frames, mattresses and lifters for the bedroom; toilet aids, shower chairs and commodes for the bathroom; and pressure care equipment. There are also a number of different mobility aids available for the patient to use outside of the home, such as wheelchairs, a variety of walking frames and strollers (some of which have seats), and ramps.

Certain items will need regular maintenance, which can be carried out by the supplier. Replacement equipment may also be supplied if the original item needs to be taken away. Delivery, moving and disposal of equipment can also be arranged.