Southern Comfort x Volley

Get a new pair of kicks thanks to Volley x Southern Comfort

What’s better than drinking a Southern Comfort & Cola? Doing it with a fresh pair of kicks on your feet. Thanks to Southern Comfort teaming up with Volley, Australians can score a brand-new pair of shoes this season.

How to get your new pair? Simply purchase a limited edition 10-pack of Southern Comfort & Cola 375ml cans (RRP: $39). You’ll be able to receive a pair of Volley International Canvas shoes (RRP: $42.99). I don’t know about you, but I’ve done the math and it sure seems like I’m coming out ahead!

Southern Comfort x Volley

Hailing from New Orleans, Southern Comfort — or ‘SoCo’, as we Americans affectionally put it — is the perfect easy-drinking beverage for when you want to have a lot of fun with a lot of people. It’s easy to fall in love with the spirit, which we’re big fans of at The Plus Ones. And it’s even easier when it’s mixed with cola.

How did the American brand team up with Volley? Southern Comfort’s Senior Brand Manager, Emma Fogarty, explains: “Southern Comfort & Cola cans are already a crowd favourite at Aussie gatherings thanks to the approachable and easy-drinking taste. We wanted to give Aussies the chance to slip into some new kicks and enjoy a couple of drinks with some mates. Volley are the perfect partner for our brand, with their retro-cool factor and instantly recognisable designs’.

Southern Comfort x Volley

That’s for sure. Volley shoes are for everyone — all genders and all types of dressers. I love that my friends wear theirs with everything from semi-casual work outfits to skateboarding down the street. The shoes are certainly classics.

Volley Marketing Manager, Samuel Despotidis, continues, ‘Like Southern Comfort, Volley has gone through somewhat of a reinvention in the last few years, injecting a new look and feel, new styles and a refreshed online presence boosted by some famous supporters propelling Volley back in to the spotlight. While there has been change, the iconic brand continues to be engrained in Australia’s very DNA. Volley is more than a shoe, it’s a part of Australian folklore — much like Southern Comfort is rooted in New Orleans’.

Southern Comfort x Volley

Once you pick up your SoCo + Cola, you can choose your Vollies. There are two colourways to choose from: the classic white-on-white, or the iconic green and gold two-tone Volley for that Aussie flair. Volley are giving away 30,000 pairs of Volley International Canvas shoes. Just pick up your 10-pack, then enter the unique code online at and select the desired colour and shoe size.

Make sure you share your experience with Southern Comfort & Cola and your new Volleys by tagging @southerncomfortau and @volleyaustralia #southernxvolleys.  There are many adventures to be had with both iconic brands!

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa has been drinking SoCo since she was at college in the U.S., and loves her new Vollies. Follow her on Instagram.

Specially marked 10 x 375mL can packs of Southern Comfort Original & Cola 4.5% ABV. RRP $39. Available at participating independent retailers.

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