Tayim: The Rocks’ Tasty New Middle Eastern Restaurant

The Rocks is now home to Tayim, a new Sydney restaurant fusing modern and traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, with the iconic backdrop of The Rocks. The Plus Ones were invited along to the launch night to enjoy the gorgeous interiors, tasty Middle Eastern foods, and delicious cocktails.

Located within the boutique Harbour Rocks Hotel in the historic Rocks area of the Sydney CBD, Tayim’s stunning sandstone interiors blend the rich cultures of the Middle East and the heritage features of the building to create a truly unique dining experience.

Tayim will house two distinct dining options, the main restaurant and bar and the Tayim deli (serving salads, sandwiches, and wraps with middle eastern flavours.) There’s also a bonus Shisha lounge in the place of a smoking area, where attendees can experience the Middle Eastern practise.

Tayim — which literally means “tasty” — offers a Middle Eastern inspired menu focusing on exotic share dishes and street food options cooked over an open grill. Menu items include grilled sardine Shaksuka, borekas, and grilled chicken Masahan. The open grill in question is a two-metre-long grill that’s placed in the centre of the main dining room.

The cocktail menu features creative twists on classics, instead of a standard gin and tonic they served a gin and thyme with grapefruit juice and in place of a mojito, there was a dark rum iced tea. The cocktails and tailored wine list are carefully curated to compliment the flavours of the Middle East.

As a historic building in The Rocks, Tayim features the iconic sandstone walls frequent in many of the historical buildings. So historical, that nothing can be built into the walls and instead the lovely tapestries and lighting features were all hung from ceiling beams. The sandstone walls and speckled marble tables evoke the styles of the past and marries them with modern sensibilities to create a fused ambience that effectively embodies the warmth and flavour of the Middle East in Sydney.

– Orlaith
F&B Specialist. Usually seen with a flat white in hand or on her way to a craft beer or whiskey tasting. Needs to stop buying books and start reading them.

34 Harrington Street,
Nurses Walk,
The Rocks, 2000

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Pendulum Communications.
Video & Image credit: Esteban La Tessa