Re-Model: Country Road x Red Cross x I-Manifest

Country Road & Red Cross are teaming up for a fabulous Fashion Trade initiative.

Through Fashion Trade, Country Road aims to help close the donation loop, reduce the impact of landfill, and raise funds for Red Cross. Partnering with youth charity, I-Manifest, to create a unique gallery instillation – Re-Model – they show us just how cool thrift shopping can be.

I popped on over to Comber Street Studios in Paddington on Wednesday morning to check it out and was blown away by the instillation. Re-Model imagined the possibilities of recycled fashion, and included textile installations and fashion shoots on large posters that hung around the gallery space. The posters were put together by students over a two-day I-Manifest workshop, and will soon be heading to the windows of Red Cross stores in Paddington and Newtown.

The photography featured pre-loved Country Road items, and was developed and shot by high-school students, under the direction of their mentor, Angela Liang, stylist and founder of fashion-tech startup Lustr. The students were also able to collaborate with influencer Lola Jagger, and artist Lauren Webster.

Over a yummy breakfast and with a coffee in hand, I admired the work of the students, who had the opportunity to follow the development of their creative campaign from concept to execution, with amazing results.

Re-Model reimagines, reinvents, and recreates fashion in the trendiest of ways, demonstrating that what’s old can always be new again.


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