Mae Martin

Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Mae Martin – Dope

Canadian Mae Martin’s new show Dope was born out of a recent realisation (prompted by her straight-talking mother’s genuinely insightful comments) that throughout her whole life she’s somehow managed to be addicted something or someone.

This addictive personality has meant that she has repeatedly found herself in various unusual situations that now present as a cracking collection of anecdotes, retold with highly amusing and endearing charm.

Mae’s first weirdly adorable childhood obsession with Bette Midler sets the tone for the rest of the evening. She paints a picture of her six-year-old self, dressed in a hand-me-down suede waistcoat, tartan trousers and a dashing bowl haircut. This little girl’s out-of-hand obsession, innocently indulged by her doting parents, resulted in a bedroom plastered with posters of Bette, and what she can now see as her very first crush.

Mae’s next obsession, fittingly, was watching stand-up comedy. She was around 11 when she started seeking out amateur comedy shows that would actually allow children in the audience. Each day,  after school, she took the bus to her favourite comedy hangout Yak-Yak’s, and it wasn’t long before she found herself up on the stage.

Throughout, the show dips in and out of the ups and downs of her drug addiction, but manages to do so in a darkly humorous yet lighthearted and relatable way. As she also identifies as a bisexual woman, Dope is sprinkled with entertaining tales of others’ common misconceptions and flippant remarks, which have only provided perfect fodder for the furthering of her comedy career.

Mae is a truly loveable storyteller who has a gift for using the wonderfully comedic, serendipitous moments of her life — sacrificing just the right amount of dignity — to make her audience giggle.

– Abi
Abi believes you can never wear too much leopard print or drink too much white wine. Follow her on Instagram @rincess_abi.

Mae Martin’s Dope runs 27-30 April, 8.15pm (60 mins) at Enmore Theatre. Purchase tickets now.

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Image credit: Mae Martin.