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Ashy Bines Squad Tour

There are  few things worth skipping a Saturday sleep-in for — like your best friend’s wedding, or a tantalising brunch date. Another (really great) reason might be to get yourself to insta-famous fitness superstar Ashy Bines’ Sydney Squad Tour.

A friend and I braved the weekend rain to get to an extra special Saturday morning sweat-sesh with the renowned Ashy Bines, and her squad of over 3000 women at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park. And guess what? We didn’t regret it.

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Ashy Bines describes herself on Facebook as ‘wife, mother, and lover of everything health and fitness’. When I looked around the hall, I saw a group of women who shared a passion for exactly that — all keen to be part of a bigger, fitter community of health-conscious and fun-loving women.

I can’t say I knew too much about Ashy before, apart from what I’d seen of her on social media. I’d heard of her 12-week Ashy Bines Bikini Challenge, and previous Booty Tour. But as she rallied into the auditorium with Usher’s Yeah blaring loudly, the women went wild. With an online following of almost one million, I began to see what the hype was about. It was great to see one woman with a vision carry such positive energy and influence.

Ashy led us through a 45-minute full-body workout, starting with arms, then legs, all-over cardio, and ending in ab work. My friend and I were sweating intensely, and I enjoyed how challenging the exercise was. A high-energy soundtrack of modern pop and dance music kept us all moving. Ashy encouraged us all to ‘have fun with it’, and to go at our own pace.
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Bines’ workout is a great way to burn calories, and is a fun workout you can easily try at home at your own level of intensity. Although, it’s ten times more fun doing squats with your squad. We left armed with a bag full of goodies, including vegan protein bars, a yoga mat, drink bottle, and tank top.

Ashy Bines’ Squad Program hopes to connect women from all walks of life with their ‘fit family’, and encourages the meeting of new workout buddies and friends. Most followers are motivated by her weekly program, which I’ve learned provides everything from exercise programs to diet tips.

Working out in a group has proved effective for me, time and time again. It’s much easier to keep pumping out burpees when you’re surrounded by others pushing themselves to do the same.

Ashy Bines has a squad that’s over 3000 strong. How’s that for #SQUADGOALS? Group fitness is the way to go. Get yours together for the next event.

 – Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who likes to eat, sleep, and squat. Follow her on: @jillamint

 Ashy Bines Squad is touring internationally. Find out more via the Ashy Bines website.

 Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Ashy Bines Promotions Team.
Image Credit: Ashy Bines Official.