Guilty of having too much fun at The Ivy

I am not ashamed to say that sometimes I miss the pure glamour and atmosphere of London evenings out. Even now, six months in to my time in Australia and loving every second of it, I sometimes miss those restaurant bookings in London that feel like a true victory in life they are so impossible to snap up, and that buzz of somewhere that is so full to the brims in a ‘just making the pages of Tatler popularity’ kind of way. Which is why I was so pleased to find that Sydney does offer something similar, and I can have an evening of people-watching to rival any London night – the chances are I also get a table at which to do it.


Establishment is a Sydney institution; A beautiful and elegant marble bar flanked by columns and high ceilings in the former George Patterson House. It is here I began my ‘very Merivale’ themed Friday with five great friends from work. With a stunning outside table in the orangery-style terrace, it was a truly unique place to enjoy a drink. Or perhaps as a Londoner I still can’t believe I get to drink outside without my fingers feeling like they might get frostbite. Quick bar service considering the Friday night masses and a multi-award winner all made the early evening a wonderful place to start.

Once the drinks had flowed and gorgeous bar snacks had been devoured, we were ready for something a little rowdier to continue the evening – We all know that stage of a girls night out ladies (there’s nothing to be ashamed of..) – Half of you want to get your dance on and the other half are demanding it’s time for shots.. At this point, it’s time to take it elsewhere.


There is only one place we had in mind, The Ivy’s Guilty Pleasures, proudly proclaiming to be ‘an outrageously shameless dance-fest like no other.’ As a description for the UK’s biggest, boldest and brashest party coming to Sydney as part of March into Merivale, I would say that was an accurate description. For those who could weep at missing the shores of Ibiza and the all night parties of San Antonio, this is certainly the Aussie equivalent with live spectaculars and brazen activities to make you blush and dance like nobody’s watching. Some of which include confessional booths, crowd-aoke (like karaoke, but with a group!), bedazzling dancers, a Chandon Unplanned house band and plenty more fun taking place every Friday evening from 10pm.

To reserve an area and pre-order drinks and platters at any Merivale establishment, contact the Guest Relations Manager on groupbookings@merivale or call 9254 8088 and the dedicated Group Bookings team will be delighted to help.

The Plus Ones were invited media guests of Tessa Conboy PR Coordinator, and extend sincere thanks for the evening.

– Eleanor Luther
A London girl in Sydney with a love of everything glamorous, trendy and genuinely vacuous.