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LGBTI Awards

LGBTI Awards Media Launch 2018

Following the success this year, the LGBTI awards are back for 2018 starting with their media launch last Thursday. The project is a joint effort by OutNews Global and Twin Media Group, acknowledging the achievements of members and allies in…

Game of Rhones Sydney 2017

Game of Rhones: toasting the final, epic wine festival

The Game of Rhones wine festival went out with a bang during its final event ever. That’s right. There are no more red wine-slash-Game of Thrones-themed wine festivals in Australia’s future. No more events celebrating the great varietals of grape from…

Winter Jazz Series Hotel Centennial Sydney

Winter Jazz Series at Hotel Centennial: your new Sunday session

If the winter chill is getting to you, head to Woollahra for some European-style jazz and sophistication. This winter Hotel Centennial brings their own meaning to the term ‘Sunday session’. Forget boozy poolside frolics — this is the sophisticated and jazzy winter version….

Southern Comfort Travelling Tales cocktail competition

The Southern Comfort Travelling Tales cocktail competition

American liquor brand Southern Comfort threw a New Orleans-themed bash in honour of their Travelling Tales cocktail competition. Barangaroo restaurant NOLA Smokehouse & Bar hosted a crowd of attendees eager to find out who would win the Travelling Tales comp…

Mrs Sippy, Sydney

Mrs Sippy launch their exclusive winter menu

There’s no doubt this place is every foodie’s dream. Walking across busy Bay Street I was delighted to spot Mrs Sippy, a gem among the many shops between it. Fairy lights strung on the outside setting a delightful scene for…

the eye live

Thandi Phoenix at The Eye

I’m sure you’re all aware it’s Winter. It’s cold, dark, and at night the city lights up with the animations and artworks of Vivid. The creativity and colour is enough to cajole even the most cold-sensitive into an evening stroll….


‘Lolita’ for the Modern Age

Slut is a powerful and confronting look at what it means to be a girl and woman. Written by Australian playwright Patricia Cornelius and directed by Erin Taylor. Slut is currently enjoying a full season run at The Old Fitz…