Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett: not-to-be-missed cabaret!

In the heart of Sydney, the Spiegeltent has transformed into a stage for a theatrical experience that is truly one-of-a-kind—Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett. This captivating show is a heady blend of decadence, daring, and pure joy, fusing the timeless allure of Berlin’s cabaret scene with a modern twist that leaves audiences spellbound and exhilarated. This unique delight, unlike any other cabaret, is free from a rigid storyline, allowing the raw talent of the cast to shine through. Each performer brings an unbridled energy to the show, creating an atmosphere that is both electric and unforgettable.

Bernie Dieter, the show’s Emcee and musical director, is the pulsating heart of this production. With her mesmerising stage presence, razor-sharp wit, and seductive vocals, Bernie takes command of the stage with a natural charm that pulls the audience into her world. Her performance is a testament to the art of cabaret, seamlessly blending comedy, tragedy, and raw sensuality. Whether she’s delivering a soul-stirring ballad or leading the ensemble in a high-octane number, Bernie’s ability to connect with her audience is unmatched. Her charisma is a mirror of her talent, making her the perfect guide through the wild and wonderful world of Club Kabarett.

Bella Diosa’s act is a breathtaking blend of strength, grace, and danger. Her fire and hair-hanging routine is nothing short of spellbinding. Bella defies the laws of physics as she twirls and contorts, suspended by her hair, creating an awe-inspiring and nerve-wracking spectacle. The sheer physicality and precision of her performance leave the audience in stunned silence, followed by rapturous applause. Bella’s ability to combine beauty and bravery in such a unique way is a testament to her extraordinary talent and dedication to her craft.

Joe Keeley’s aerial performance on the straps and silks is a sublime display of athleticism and artistry. His fluid movements and incredible strength are highlighted by his ability to make the most difficult manoeuvres look effortless. The aerial routines are not just about physical prowess; they are also deeply emotional, telling a story that captivates the audience from start to finish. Joe’s grace and agility in the air create a visual poetry that is both thrilling and profoundly moving.

Soliana Ersie’s contortionist act is a dazzling display of flexibility and control. Watching Soliana twist and bend her body into seemingly impossible shapes is fascinating and exhilarating. Her performance is a blend of elegance and extreme physicality, pushing the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. Soliana’s act is not just about contortion; it is a beautifully choreographed piece that combines elements of dance and acrobatics, leaving the audience in awe of her incredible talent.

Blue Phoenix’s acrobatic pole routine is a powerhouse performance that combines strength, agility, and elegance. His seamless transitions between gravity-defying spins and intricate holds showcase his athleticism and artistic flair. The way Blue Phoenix uses the pole as an extension of his body creates a dynamic and visually stunning performance. His act is a perfect blend of power and grace, making it one of the show’s standout moments.

Lisa Lottie’s hula hoop act is a delightful fusion of skill, rhythm, and personality. Her ability to manipulate multiple hoops with such precision and fluidity is nothing short of extraordinary. Lisa’s performance is not just about technical skill; it’s also about her infectious energy and charisma, which light up the stage. Her playful and engaging routine leaves the audience smiling and cheering, showcasing the sheer joy and artistry of hula hooping.

Reuben Helfenbaum’s hand balance acrobatics are a true testament to strength and control. His ability to balance and manoeuvre his body is a sight to behold. Reuben’s powerful routine combines elements of gymnastics and dance to create an enthralling performance. His focus and discipline are evident in every movement, making his act a highlight of the evening.

This must-see show is a sensational celebration of cabaret in its most exciting form. Each performer brings their unique talents to the stage, creating a show that is as diverse as it is spectacular. Instead of complaining about the cold outside, get inside the Sydney Spiegeltent and warm up with an unforgettable night of entertainment. This is cabaret at its finest—bold, daring, and unbelievable. Don’t miss it.

– The other Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig is an international performer and has established himself as a trusted theatre specialist on the Sydney Arts Scene. While he understands the technical side of theatre, Dan writes for the everyday theatregoer (unlike some of those more prominent publications). When not in the audience, he loves to travel the world trying new gin. Follow him on all the socials @talldancraig

Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett runs for 1 hour and 45 minutes (including 20-minute interval) and plays at Sydney Spiegeltent through 28 July 2024. Tickets are available through the Spiegeltent Box Office.

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Image credit: Belinda Rolland.