Elizabeth Day – live in Sydney and Melbourne.

Fans of Elizabeth Day, the moment you’ve eagerly anticipated has arrived!

Elizabeth Day – beloved podcaster and acclaimed author – will grace the stage in Australia for the first time this February 2024.

Joined by a special guest, this event offers you the exclusive chance to experience Elizabeth’s renowned live show firsthand, in the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Arts Centre Melbourne. It will be an evening filled with laughter, raw honesty, and profound vulnerability as we celebrate the beauty in life’s imperfections. Elizabeth’s warmth and wit will captivate you as she engages in candid conversations, inviting you to join in by posing your own questions on the night of the show: is ‘success’ a myth? How can we turn crisis into clarity? How can we be brave enough to admit when we fail? How do we break up with a friend? And is that person on Hinge ghosting me or are they just playing hard to get?

Elizabeth Day is the Sunday Times bestselling author of Friendaholic: Confessions of a Friendship Addict and has written five novels – the latest of which, Magpie, was described as ‘great, plain and simple’ by Stanley Tucci. However, it’s her chart-topping podcast ‘How To Fail’ that is at the heart of her journey.

Book your ticket now and join Elizabeth Day on stage as we celebrate the messy glory that is life, including the triumphs, setbacks and the comebacks that will resonate with you long after the lights go down.

An Evening with Elizabeth Day will be on at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall – Feb 26 and the Arts Centre Melbourne Hamer Hall – Feb 28.

The show runs for 1 hour 50 minutes including an interval.

Book tickets here for the Sydney show.

Book tickets here for the Melbourne show.