Slide Night – Sydney Opera House

Rove McManus is back and he’s inviting us all around for an old-fashioned Slide Night, currently playing at the Playhouse, Sydney Opera House.

Before social media and the internet, the only way to share your holiday happy snaps was to get people around the slide projector and go tediously through the piccies one by one. If your friends were savvy, there would be one cartridge with a selection of photos. More often than not, there would be hours of pointless photos, remember there are no delete buttons on film cameras.

Slide Night is a comedic twist on this historical pastime. Instead of scrolling through endless pictures, six performers take on improv challenges based on unseen slides. These slides have been collected from garage sales and online purchases so while the slides are real, the entertainers have no connection to the slides.

The night I went, captains Bridie Connell and Rebecca De Unamuno led teams of three taking on challenges such as Tag Team TED Talk, Fireside Stories, and Kids Stuff, a children’s show based on three unknown slides. Each performance comes with its own special guest; Heath Franklin was the guest for the show I saw.

The show overall was enjoyable. Rove channelled his hosting skills from his successful self-titled TV show. The teams had mixed skills when it came to improv and at times it felt like something you would see in a high school drama showcase. You can definitely see why Bridie and Rebecca were chosen as team captains; their acting abilities really outshone their teammates.

This show is a great reminder of a bygone era and a humorous reminder of fashion and photography skills. With such a short season, make sure you grab some drinks and get along to the Sydney Opera House.

– The other Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is an international performer and has established himself as a trusted theatre specialist on the Sydney Arts Scene. While he understands the technical side of theatre, Dan writes for the everyday theatregoer (unlike some of those more prominent publications). When not in the audience, he loves to travel the world trying new gin. Follow him on all the socials @talldancraig

Slide Night runs for 60 mins (no interval) and plays at the Sydney Opera House through 25 June 2023. Tickets are available through the SOH Box Office.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were guests of Sydney Opera House.
Image credit: Jordan Munns.