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Kitchens on Kent: Yes, Kitchens. Plural.


Been to The Langham lately? If not, it’s time to drop by and make sure you come hungry.


The hotel’s newly opened restaurant, Kitchens on Kent, is redefining the concept of the traditional buffet featuring not one, not two, but eight ‘kitchens’ all in the one room.


When you step into the gleaming room, it can take a moment or two to digest the possibilities before you.

Each elegant, open-kitchen station has its own theme, complete with a specialised chef ready at the live cooking station/


Start your meal with a visit to the cold display and salad bar, where you’ll find a variety of fresh, seasonal salads, cold smoked meats, cheeses, and seafood.


The sushi and sashimi stand is always a favourite, with freshly made nigiri, California rolls, avocado rolls, sashimi, and temaki.


Warm up at the soup station with weekly soup specials, breads, and cheeses. The countertop displays an impressive selection of handpicked cheeses from across the world served with crusty bread rolls, baguettes, lavosh and crackers.


If your tastebuds fancy a trip to Italy, wander over to the Beech Oven or the Pasta Kitchen for freshly baked hot-stone pizzas on a variety of bases and toppings or a dish of steaming pasta cooked with your choice of fresh ingredients. Each one is made to order and cooked to order, with toppings like chicken and chorizo, smoked salmon with capers, and more. For the carnivores amongst us, the Carvey Kitchen will be a sure hit, with a selection of rotisserie meats.


If Europe isn’t really your jam, travel East, over to the Tandoor Kitchen and the Wok & Noodle Station. The Tandoor Kitchen has a legit Tandoor – a large, round oven. Watch the chef knead some naan, choose your own fillings, and watch it bake while you choose your curry. Alternatively, head to the next station for flame fried veggies, seafood, meat, and noodles. 


For all the mouthwatering options so far, I’ve saved the best for two for last. They’re on opposite ends of the spectrum but easily tie for first place in their popularity.

The Seafood Station, and the Dessert Buffet.


The Seafood Station is a vision of bountiful, seasonal seafood. Expect rock oysters, crab claws, tiger prawns, and more. The Dessert Buffet has over 20 sweet options including a variety of cakes, gelato, puddings, and a selection of individual, creative, super Instagrammable desserts. Oh, and a white AND milk chocolate fountain.


Hungry from reading this? I made myself hungry writing it.

– Liv S
Liv S. is a Sydney based copywriter in a perpetual search for the perfect macaron. Her interests include losing time in buffets, trying new things, and triple utterances. Check her out at

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Langham
Image credit: Kitchens On Kent
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