Arj Barker - We Need to Talk

Sydney Comedy Festival: Arj Barker – We Need to Talk

Opening for the night was Joel Ozborn, self-confessed friend and fan of Arj Barker’s. Just back from touring in America with Arj, Joel treated the audience to insightful material about seeing America through the eyes of an Aussie. His timing and delivery were spot on. While the latecomers took their seats, unable to escape unnoticed by the observant comedian, Joel got the audience warmed up for the main event.

Not that Arj Barker requires an introduction, nor for his audience to be particularly warmed up, as he does such an excellent job himself. A veteran of worldwide comedy circuits, and with rave reviews wherever he goes, Arj Barker has successfully endeared himself with Aussie audiences and has been branded ‘Australia’s adopted son of comedy’, as well as ‘comedy’s answer to Dave Grohl’. And it’s easy to see why. Ingratiating himself easily into Australian humour and culture with jokes about the NBN and good-natured jokes about the state of Australian politics, Arj is extremely loveable and charming. Like Dave Grohl, Arj is the loveable rock star of comedy.

When Arj took the stage, we were going at a laugh a minute for the rest of the evening. Weaving together a fantastic selection of observational humour about the state of the world and excellent insights into everything from Uber to having children. What’s really special about Arj’s particular brand of humour is his ability to explain everyday situations and occurrences, the mundane that you often take for granted, in such a refreshing way. Seeing the world through Arj Barker’s eyes is a wonderful, and very special, experience. Between jokes which make you feel like he’s reading your mind (if you were more astute and funnier) and others which are completely fresh and original, Arj Barker has his finger on the pulse of the most tragi-comic parts of the human condition and the modern world. As the name of his show suggests, Arj Barker needs to talk, and you need to listen.

Elli de Ryckman de Betz trains for comedy festivals the way others train for marathons. For months she has been dedicated in the pursuit – drinking wine and watching stand up online seemingly without rest, to hone her abilities and make sure she laughs at only the best quality jokes.


Arj Barker – We Need to Talk runs 2 – 4, and 10th May at The Enmore Theatre. Buy tickets now.

Joel Ozborn’s show Knocked Out Loaded will be at the Factory Theatre for one night only on the 28th May. Buy tickets now.

Sydney Comedy Festival will be all over Sydney’s venues from the 22nd of April to the 19th of May. Make sure to check out the website for further information and to get tickets.

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Photo Credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.