Sydney Comedy Festival; Ross Noble, Humournoid

Stand-up comics take heed, if you want your audience to show up on time, take a step out of Ross Noble’s book. Fans of his know that latecomers to the show risk being picked on and having the whole show centered around them. And yet, when my plus one and I went to go and see his show at the Sydney Comedy Festival, there were still latecomers! Those of us who knew the drill sat back to enjoy watching the show start at the expense of those tardy individuals.

For those of you not familiar with Ross Noble’s comic content, that is because it changes with every show. Where he really stands apart from the rest is his talent of being able to come up, as he so famously does, with a rambling story which works its way into a joke, based on a heckle or an audience member’s item of
clothing. Seeing him weave storylines together from jokes he had come up with moments before, was incredible, and incredibly funny. What made this show thoroughly entertaining was Noble’s ability to read the room and feed off the audience’s response to
tailor the rest of his material.  He joked about being the ultimate comedy algorithm and I couldn’t have agreed more.

One or two main jokes and theories were weaved in to the evening but being able to stand up on stage and keep an audience entertained for two hours is a huge feat. If nothing else has convinced you, this show was bloody good value for money.

This isn’t stand up which will leave you wondering about politics and the state of the world, it’s a pure and simple talent for drawing the audience into the imaginary and ridiculous, and making people laugh. You won’t find overly rehearsed gags here. Put simply, Ross Noble is an experience.

Elli de Ryckman de Betz, like Ross Noble, has long hair. Unlike Ross, she cannot come up with
excellent and witty things to say on the spot and therefore has had to resort to this

Humournoid has already run its course for this year at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Watch out for future Ross Noble shows, as well as more great comedy, at Sydney Comedy Festival.


Disclosure – The Plus Ones were invited guests of A-list Entertainment.
Photo Credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.