Sydney comedy festival

Sydney Comedy Festival Gala at Enmore Theatre

The Sydney Comedy Festival turns 18 this year and is officially an “adult” in comedy terms, according to one Jerry Seinfeld. So no surprises that the Enmore Theatre’s all-star gala included lots of grownup themes and occasional coarse language.

MC Harley Breen helmed what was a great taster of a show featuring 15 other local and international acts that will appear at this year’s festival. Breen brought his blend of ocker humour to the gig while Nick Cody made quips about Aussie bogans.

Fiona O’Loughlin was fresh from the I’m A Celeb jungle with funny anecdotes about drinking and motherhood. Rhys Nicholson was the most dapper darling with his dry sense of humour and jibes at adult dinner parties and drugs.

Mad Irishman, Jason Byrne did a rare stand-up slot poking fun at our cricket team, redheads and zoos. Des Bishop and Ian Bagg both poked fun at the differences between men and women and Bagg questioned why he couldn’t put peanut butter in the fridge.

Representing the UK were Jamali Maddix and Dane Baptiste. They were here to talk about sex, baby. New Zealand’s Guy Montgomery, meanwhile, mentioned a different sort of physical activity: Usain Bolt’s running.

Luke Heggie toyed with our expectations with a long, pretend conversation between a comedian and a bloke in a bar. John Hastings also made gags about people’s beliefs, likening his Canadian heritage to the equivalent of ordering a Coke in a restaurant and what happens when you get a Pepsi instead.

Demi Lardner made cheeky gags about her father’s Google history and selfie-obsessed idiots. Rose Matafeo also joked about her family but in her slot delivered Christmas bon-bon jokes that were in the vein of a confrontational Seinfeld Festivus.

Other comics like Steen Raskopoulos and Nikki Britton performed physical gags like the former’s Bad Boy of Yoga and the latter’s jokes about how women’s dancing changes with age.

The Sydney Comedy Festival Gala was a fun-filled night featuring some of the best of the fest. We can highly recommend getting out to a show and supporting the Festival’s coming-of-age. It should be quite the party!

– Natalie
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The 18th Sydney Comedy Festival runs from now until 20 May 2018. For more information visit:

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Sydney Comedy Festival.
Image credit: Zak Kaczmarek.