Breakfast Cartoon Cereal Party at the Factory Theatre

As part of the Sydney Underground Film Festival, the Breakfast Cartoon Cereal Party is back by popular demand. The attire is your favourite pyjamas, slippers, and possibly your onesie. It’s suitable for children and children-at-heart as we experienced 120 minutes of kicking back and watching our old time favourite cartoons on the silver screen.

As if waking up early and leaving your house in your pyjamas wasn’t weird enough, it was all worth going to said event because the venue not only promised my good ol’ toons but…all-you-can-eat cereal and pop tarts. Catered to full-sized adults, many came in their best onesies and most comfortable attire. Prizes were also given to the best dressed and the kids who were kicking with energy.

You had an array of choices cereal with your bowl of milk(s), from froot loops to crunchy nuts to frosties. Did I mention the event is sponsored by Kellogg’s?

After you’ve fully settled on your seat and your belly is full of cereal goodness it’s now time for the main event – the toons.

One could not feel anymore nostalgic watching my old time favourite cartoons for 2 hours. If you were like me, that awkward nerdy kid at school growing up, you were used to watching (nay, GLUED to) these short TV animations through your big box CRT television. Watching them now as an adult, you pick up on some hidden meanings and jokes you never quite noticed as an infant. You also can’t help missing being an innocent little young one with vivid memories and curiosity.

Whether it be laughing at Inspector Gadget’s obliviousness, singing to the Flintstones opening theme or admiring Pink Panther’s slyness anyone would enjoy this chill Saturday morning event. May we suggest couches or mattresses next time for optimum relaxation?

– Kevin
Kevin Rodrigueza is a 22-year-old Sydney local who enjoys burgers, theatre and all-things culture. Follow his adventures at @kevinr___.

The Sydney Underground Film Festival is on at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville from September 14-17 2017. 

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Kabuku PR.
Image credit: Kabuku PR.